Filipino 3rd officer Safety At Sea

Filipino 3rd Officer Goes Missing From Tanker Ship

This is 3rd Deck Officer Junior Cristito M. Acosta of Teekay Shipping, onboard Jiaolong Spirit. Their vessel is from Texas underway to South Africa and it was already been delayed because he was reported missing since evening of April 23, 2020.
Below is the information that is given by his family

At around 6:00pm-6:45pm, his Chief mate asked him to relieved who was being on duty 4:00pm-8:00pm since it’s dinner time.
After dinner, Cristito went out at the bridge at around 6:46pm. By the time it was Cristito’s duty 8pm, he was not able to go on his scheduled time. Until 8:05pm, they called him but still he was not taking the calls. So all crews were being alarmed and searched all the cabins but still he was nowhere to be found.
The Navy, helicopter and other vessels are also helping in searching Cristito but still they couldn’t find him. They stop the searched now because it has already been 3 days since he was reported missing. And the vessel continue on its route bound to South Africa.
According to the sister of Cristito, the vessel company will investigate it by May 16 when they arrive at the port of South Africa, His sister and family is asking for help now and hoping that they will still find their brother alive. Please share this information and contact us immediately.

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