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Third Mate Killed Chief Mate and Captain on Tanker Ship

As the news is coming, third officer onboard a chemical tanker named as ‘MV AYANE’ shot dead Chief Mate and Captian onboard the ship. Incident took place around 23:30 on 23rd October, third officer after killing both officers, called up on VHF and talked to authorities regarding what he has done and wants to surrender. So far this looks like the case of mental breakdown. The investigation is in place, with police investigating each person onboard and recording their statements. All the nationals onboard are Argentinean. The Malta flag vessel was at Río de la Plata while in anchorage when the incident took place. Captain (38), Chief Mate (48) were killed by third mate (52) using a gun, though so far they have not found it. During initial examination, the accused seems to be in a disturbed mental state. In future updates of the case all the sequence of events which led to this tragic incident will surface.

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