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Now that we are in the New Year 2017, I am sure just like me you all also feel so full of brand new hopes, aspirations, dreams and enthusiasm. Some people take the exercise seriously and make New Year resolutions. I haven’t done that activity ever and neither will I make any resolutions this year. In fact research says that many New Year resolutions never materialise.

Most people fail in adhering to their stated New Year’s resolutions. Specifically, 22% fail after one week, 40% after one month, 50% after three months, 60% after six months, and 81% after twenty-four months (Norcross & Vangarelli), 1988, as cited by Koestner 2008.

New Year Resolutions

This looks so disappointing, isn’t it? So what should we do in the New Year? We can and we should do a lot more than what we accomplished in the year gone by. We must become the improved versions of ourselves. For that we’d need to take an account of the past year, I did that too. On looking back, found the year to be truly incredible! Please don’t think in terms of success, material or otherwise but it has been a year of realizations and feelings of gratitude. Recounting the best moments and things that had an impact on my life in 2016!

The Alternate Plan

I had certain plans made and wanted to go by them… not talking of new year resolutions here. I was turning 40, wanted to be on my own and plan B was vaguely sketched. I would travel more, be with my children more and give my mariner husband a bit more of my time. Do what I thought would give me happiness, that is conduct training programs for different industries, and associate myself with skill training and contribute a little bit towards making the underprivileged youth employable. I sounded this to my husband who has been the pillar of strength. He was supportive of whatever I decided to do. Then was the chance meeting with the chairperson of my company and happened to share my ideas with her. She has been the very reason why I joined the company in the first place, 10 years ago. She is an inspiration, a lady we look up to. Not just for her being the chairperson but being gutsy, anything but ordinary and the woman of substance that she is. She has been a personal role model; I am a big fan of hers actually! She heard me and the first thing that she said was, “We wouldn’t want to lose you. Can we think of doing something together, will work something out?”

Who in today’s world will say that to one of the employees? It had a profound impact on my mind, heart and I must add even the soul. Her words were one of my biggest rewards. A feeling of gratitude and of being valued so much. No one is indispensable including me, I know that very well. When someone gives you that value, doesn’t want to give up on you, believes in you and wants you to do the best that you can. How could you not listen to that person? In fact you must never leave him or her. One, it shows you have earned that. Second, you can achieve anything but it takes so much more to earn someone’s trust.
I didn’t have the heart or the will to walk away. I decided to stay on, count my blessings as I could start noticing beauty in every little thing that I had taken for granted. My plan B has been pushed a little further as I’ll never give up on the person who had that trust in me. Life is a two way cycle and gratitude is just not another word in the dictionary! It’s a feeling that’s only felt and no words can ever explain it. Each one of us must respect their Plan B.

Family First

Your family is the biggest asset that you’ll ever have, invested in it. Social media will give you many virtual friends. Most of them will be just your acquaintances or contacts, instead of building a longer list there invest on the relationships both personal and professional. We have a close family that we love and value but we spend more waking hours at the work place. Work colleagues too must build and nurture those professional friendship and bonding. Work environment has to be healthy and fun. Collaborations, teamwork and partnerships actually decide the success of an organization, not the brilliant human resources that can’t work as a team. That’s why we have started valuing EQ and SQ and don’t focus only on the IQ anymore. Healthy work environments create happy professionals, which in turn generate happy results for the organization. Don’t organizations talk about their bottom lines?
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 Always be in Readiness

We all make great plans and put all our thoughts and actions in fulfilling them. If that plan doesn’t work for us we are completely shattered. Remember we make plans for ourselves, He makes plans too! Sometimes it’s good to trust his plans and be ready without much of disappointment and crying over the split milk. Instead look for the dairy where you can pick your milk from. Even better, rear that cow! A slight change in attitude can do a lot more to ones confidence. It’s only that confidence and self belief that’ll create success for you. So be ready for whatever comes your way like a true sailor. You are the captain of the ship called your Life. You set the destination and chart the course but always are flexible to choose the port of call.

Thought of it, Just do it!

Life is so unpredictable, last couple of months we have witnessed so much around us. It’ll be true to say that nothing comes with a guarantee card. Make the most of whatever is close to your heart and now is the time. Never miss an opportunity to meet the person who is important in your life, talk to someone special over the phone, and express your love, gratitude and even disappointments. Apologize and make it up for the fight that you might have picked up or an argument that might have developed and soured the relationship. These things don’t need the seal of permanency. The sooner they are tamed, the better it is.sunset at sea, sea, sailor

Find the Balance 

Create that work life balance, that’s quite a buzz word these days. It’s your life and you know the best, trial and error method is the only solution in finding that balance. No expert or self help books can ever chart it out for you. You are unique and so is the situation around you, you automatically become the best person to create your work-life balance score card. . You must feel energized, happy, optimistic and in peace with your surroundings. This is what I feel the balance should create in your life. Finding ‘Me’ in the middle of things and keeping stress at bay! It also organizes your life into harmony with the things around you.

Body Basics

Health is wealth as the old saying goes. Good health is your biggest wealth and literally so. Check out the hospital bills and the number of ailments finding their way into the medical books. Healthy body harbors a healthy mind. Take care of it, dedicate at least 30 minutes a day in worshiping that temple! Find a fitness regime that you enjoy and the one that works for you. Walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, working out at the gym or following any sport that you love will take care of your fitness. Eating healthy is equally important as it contributes to your stamina and endurance. If over 35 years of age, one needs to get the routine health checkups done. If you respect your body it’ll love you back. Not only will you look great but also feel on top of the world.

Practice Gratitude

Must have heard from your grandma that you had to be thankful and practice gratitude. Be grateful for what you have, the best things in life actually come for free. You must know to recognize them, invite them in your life and ensure that they stay. All good things are to be shared, ensure that you do a good turn each day. No matter what has happened throughout the day, all the mess can be negated by this one good deed and you can sleep peacefully. It is said that a person should never carry his worries to his bed. You must also be the Santa for someone else. There’s greater happiness in giving or sharing and bringing smile on someone else’s face!

Love Yourself

Love the neighbour, but before they love you. The person you know the most is the one in the mirror. Who knows the journey walked by him/ her better than you? Who has seen him all through the thick and thin? No one but you!  Be proud of that person and be his biggest support system. He needs you all the time, keep giving him the ‘push’ when he needs. Be his guide and philosopher, above all be his cheerleader! Remember your journey started together and it’ll go on till eternity. Be best buddies with him, the journey is enjoyable when you love your partner.Love Story


The R’s that hold the key to a meaningful life are Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Reflection and Rejoice. Celebrate anything that deserves one, big or small doesn’t matter. But you having basked in that moment of glory matters indeed. Milestones, benchmarks, successes or lessons learnt, special occasions, friendships, and family get together; all are reasons enough to celebrate. Celebrate life!…. period!! Children have drama associated with everything that they do. That’s why we often say childlike enthusiasm when referring to zest for life. You bring forth that child in you.
Whether you make New Year resolutions or not, it really doesn’t matter but what matters is introspection and finding yourself in the midst of chaos or orderliness. Let the new found version of you be the best that it could be.
Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, peaceful, meaningful, and incredible New Year 2017….. Be awesome!
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Laxmi Todiwan is a Professor and Corporate Trainer. A hospitality professional with a career spanning over two decades. Married to a Master Mariner and is a mother of two energetic boys. Learning and Development is close to her heart and associates herself with Skill training projects of the government. She writes for hospitality journals and also for columns in the local newspapers. She expresses her thoughts in a blog, The Optimist Diary.
Laxmi Todiwan
Founder, Indian Women in Hospitality (IWH). She is a Professor, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and a Blogger. A multiple award winning hospitality professional with a career spanning over two decades; people engagement, training and development are close to her heart. She writes for hospitality journals, online platforms and columns in the local newspapers. Married to a Master Mariner, Capt. Rajesh Todiwan, she loves to write on the maritime industry as well as the lives and relationships of the fraternity. She expresses her thoughts on her blog and website

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