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Corona Prevention on Ship, Best Practices

Corona Prevention on Ship, Best Practices have been discussed in this article. As we all know that corona virus or covid-19 has covered all over the globe. Shipping industry has been affected by it a lot. Lot of ships have been infected by this virus and the sign on-sign off is still not possible across all the ports in the world. So, we decided simple tips which can be used to avoid corona outbreak on ships.

Corona Prevention on Ship

Following practices will help to minimize the risk related to the spread of corona virus on ship.
Do not go for shore leaves
While most of the companies have stopped shore leaves, it is advised that people should not go on shore until and unless it is mandatory to go out. The chances of you getting infected are much higher and then same thing will spread on ship very fast.
Social Distancing in Port
Whenever ship arrives at a port, lot of people from outside comes inside the ship. There is a higher chance of spreading this deadly virus in that situation. Gangway watchman should also keep a 1 meter distance away from the people coming on the ship. During port watches, deck officers should keep their mouth and nose covered with a mask.
Sanitize the provisions received in port
It is advised to the crew of the ship to sanitize the provisions that are received in port. They usually come from long way and there is a high chance of infection spreading through them. This includes veggies or packaged food. It is the easiest way for virus to get onboard and infect us.
Ship Disinfection
The staff on ship should make it clear that, ship should be disinfected on regular basis to avoid any accidental transfer of the virus to the crew. Especially during port calling, this should be done. The disinfection can be done on scheduled regular basis.
Personal Hygiene
It is of utmost importance as personal hygiene and sanitization is top of the chart. Regular washing of hands to be carried out. So that nothing goes inside the body and causes infection. As soon as you develop symptoms of like a common cold, you should immediately report and go on self quarantine.

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