Chemical Tanker Explosion Safety At Sea

Explosion on Chemical Tanker Ship- 2 Crew Member Injured

An explosion took on a chemical tanker injuring 2 crew members and they are in emergency treatment and care unit. As we can see in the video that crew members were working on deck of chemical tanker and suddenly flames can be seen to come up. Soon, the fire was out of control and there was an explosion in the tank. It could be seen that explosion was very powerful as it damaged the deck completely. Crew members working had no time to escape as can be seen in the video, it was very fast. Two seafarers are injured and 3 others who jumped overboard have been rescued by the agencies.
Name of ship is Qiu Feng 6 and was at Wuhu in Yangtze River. There is no clear information as what started the fire.  Investigation in this matter is currently going on as what caused such explosion. Structural damaged is to repaired also.
Video of this incident is here: Explosion on the tanker ship 

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