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Naval Architecture Terminology and Coefficients of Forms

The ship is defined in terms of its size and the shape. This is required to find out it’s characteristics for stability, resistance, power needed to run the ship at a particular speed, her seaworthiness, it’s maneuverability, load carrying capacity etc. Read about the terminology that is used in the naval architecture and ship construction. Also know about the […]

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Shipping Industry

Poem On Sailors Part 1

Here is the poem which is based on the sailors. Hope you enjoy reading it. This is the first poem on sailors series Sailors. Poem On Sailors Sailors, those who define the sea, People who are moving tons of goods, as we sleep Sea is not a safe place to live on,                               Butfor them, it’s the first home to call […]

Shipping Industry

Controllable Pitch Propeller System Fails-How To Take Ship To Port?

CPP systems are used in various merchant vessels. They have advantage of good maneuverability. But if this system fails, then it might create lot of problems. In many ships having this arrangement steering gear is not present. So, if it fails then it is very difficult to steer the ship. CPP system uses the hydraulic oil to change […]

Shipping Industry

Marine Engineering Practice Questions And Answer-Part4

Here are some of the questions for oral preparation for your engineer COC examinations. This article covers the Marine Engineering Practice questions. These are the questions that we are covering in this article. Some of the questions have been taken from social platforms as well. Marine Engineering Practice Questions 1)    Freshwater Generator  Starting Here you […]

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Ship Security Officer SSO Course Approved Institutes

Get to know about sso course security, sso course cost, sso course fees, sso course mandatory, sso eligibility in this post. Ship Security Officer Course is the new course added in the STCW 2010. Due to increasing number of piracy and other security related events at sea and at ports, it was felt that there has to be a course which […]