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Marine Engineering Practice MEP Questions and Answers- Part 5

In this
article get to know about boiler burner maintenance, fuel injector testing, CO2
line testing, cylinder head testing and HP cut out problems in details. Here
are some of the most common questions that are framed out of the problems that
are faced in the common machinery.

Some of
the answers have been taken from social discussions as well.

engineering practice Questions and Answers

Here are
the questions:

to do Boiler Burner Maintenance?

Burner maintenance
includes cleaning of burner nozzle, swirl plate, igniter electrode and filters.
Brass wires to be used for cleaning. Nozzle may also have filter within their
assembly which should be washed with diesel or kerosene and blown through
compressed air. Igniter electrodes checked for correct gap and distance from
burner, otherwise forget about good spark. Soot deposit may affect igniter
electrode performance and hence it should be cleaned. Electrical leads
condition to be checked for any cut.
Marine Engineering Practice

to Do Fuel Injector Testing?

Take out
the fuel injector safely and mount the injector in testing rig and connect the
oil supply. Keep injector priming valve open operate hand pump to prime it. Otherwise
trapped air will make needle operation sluggish, as it is compressible then
close the priming valve. Operate the pump rapidly for several strokes. The
injector should with high pitch chatter and fuel should be emitted in a fine
cloud. You can check the pattern, by placing a paper down. Don’t keep your hand
while doing so.

to test Co2 line of fire extinguishing system?

There is an
air connection, connect with compressed and blow through, check all nozzles for
proper venting of air. Corroded portion of the line needs to be taken care of.

and Why do you pressure test Cylinder Head?

test or pneumatic test 2.5 bar pressure, cover all the open spaces and give
pressure from outlet. Generally ships have that setup which is used for testing
the cylinder head.
Why we do
the pressure testing of cylinder head is to check any leakage because if hole is
there then chances of gas leakage and water inlet, so there will be water
hammering then lots of problem for engineers as well.
case of a boiler gauge glass showing water level is empty how can you correct
way of find water in boiler?
stop the boiler.
check other means of reading. Like remote gauge or other gauge.
through the gauge glass and when everything is normal then start the boiler again. Keep an eye on the parameters.

What Happens When Hp Cut Out Not Operational In Refrigeration System?

Well for
this we have protection system. Main protection is v-belt driven arrangement is
there as protection for overload of refer compressor. In case hp trip not
working and compressor is overloaded, belt will give away to protect
compressor. Also if HP cut out not working, Relief valve will operate on condenser

So this
was all from this article. Hope you enjoyed reading this.
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