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MEO Class 2 Exam Oral Questions and Answers-Part 1

Get to know about the answers for MEO Class 2 Exam Oral Questions. Questions for function 4b,3,5,6 are given in this post. This is the part 1 of this series.
Some of the questions have also been taken from the social platforms as well.

MEO Class 2 Oral Exam Questions And Answers

Materials used in shipbuilding
3.   AIS on ship
What actions in case of man overboard
Preparations to do for survey related to Annex 6
Plans required in dry dock
Most important checks on Auxiliary Engine after decarb
Refer oil charging
Parameters you will require for propeller fitting
10.Chapter 12 of Damage stability criteria and structural strength of bulk carriers
11.Free fall life boat launching procedure, step by step
12.Co2 system maintenance weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, yearly, 2 yearly, 5 yearly
13.Man overboard marker all details
Class 2, MEO Class 2 Exam Oral Questions
14.Gusset plate, margin plate, coffin plate….
15.What is free surface Effect? How to Reduce?
16.Hyper mist system Regulation and description
17.Name the Statutory certificates
18.What is Marpol Annex 4.What type of Sewage Treatment plant you have onboard?
19.Like Biological sewage treatment plant,
20.Describe the biological sewage treatment plant.
21.J/E has joined the ship- What instruction you as a 2/E will give regarding inspection of lifeboat engine?
22.Vacuum Diode and How to use it as a switch?
23.Meggar principle and why only used for high voltage?
24.About Transformer iron loss
25.Cascade control system
26.High frequency AC advantage
27.Advantage of head battery over nickel cadmium battery
28.Generator in parallel one of them has low power factor which one will draw more current and why?
29. DP cell and why it is used in condenser?
30.what is d difference between circuit breaker and switch
31.Loop and uni flow scavenging timing diagram.
32.Type of pistons, and what is skirt and what is the arrangement in long stroke engines.
33.Air starting diagram.
34.Just draw the diagram of t/g interlock for start switch. Period also. Just draw a square and name interlock.
35.Main engine governor and what is the use
36.Just say it is a safety device which limits the fuel…It has various limiters.
37.Starting air valve overhauling and draw the diagram as well.
38.Power to speed relation..
39.Power is (speed)3
40.How you simulate reverse current & overload trip for generator
41.How dc motor works on Governor.
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