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DG Approved doctors in Chennai, Tuticorin, Coimbatore

DG Approved Doctors in Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Coimbatore and Tuticorin to have your medical done which is required for various purposes. Below you will see all the approved doctors by the director general of shipping. In total there are 26 approved doctors in Tamil Nadu. When you are visiting any of these doctors, make sure that, you are carrying the […]

engine lubrication
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Internal Combustion Engines Nomenclature, Performance Parameters and Power Ratings

Know about all the engine performance parameters like IHP, BHP Volumetric Efficiency and also about MCR, astern output etc. These are the basic terms that you need to know when you are studying the Internal Combustion Engine. Internal Combustion Engines Nomenclature Cylinder Bore (d) – The nominal inner diameter of the working cylinder is called […]

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Marine Engineering Practice Questions and Answers-Part 1

Find the answers to the questions related to troubleshooting of various machineries onboard like hydrophore system, and they come in Marine Engineering Practice.This is the first article in our series related to the Marine Engineering Practice, in every part we will try to cover 10-11 questions with answers.In places where we think diagram is necessary, we will add […]

ism checks
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ISM Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annually Safety Checks on Ship

International Safety Management System Safety checks that needs to be carried on board ship are discussed here, have a look at them. ISM required regular checks up of the safety equipments and other machineries for safe navigation and to safeguard the seafarer who are working onboard. Every Company has its own checks lists, but mostly […]

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List of DG Approved Maritime Training Institute-Updated

In this piece of post you will get all the details about DG approved maritime colleges that are present in India. Also get information about the dg shipping approved institutes for deck cadet, gme, and engine cadet. DG Approved Maritime Training College C.V. Raman College of Engineering Location: Bhubaneswar Indos No. 625 AMET University Indos No. […]