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How to Become Cook on Ship

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This post will guide you through the information of becoming cook on ship. As we all know that maritime industry is among the largest industry in the world, employing thousands of people under it. Ships that are core part of this industry, runs 24X7 all around the globes, to make sure trade never stops. On these ships, you have a man power of around 15-30 at maximum, and they need good cooked food to keep things going, isn’t it?
Well with the advent of maritime labor convention, now we need to have good cooks so that they can make best out there at sea. Because food is something, that is very close to everyone. Let’s learn more on this topic.

What Cook Do At Ship?

Well the major work is to make and arrangement food for the whole crew for three time. Below is the given table showing the timing of food that crew onboard takes.
Timing of Food
7:00 AM To 8:00 A.M
Breaker fast
12:30 P.M to 1:30 P.M
5:30 P.M to 6:30 P.M
Apart from this regular parties like Barbecues, Birthday etc are also arranged by the cooks on board. Those cooks who are working on cruises are also busy in making the best dishes out there. But here we are mainly focusing on the commercial shipping only.
Chief Cook Salary, Cook On Ship
Also, when there is an emergency onboard, cooks have the duty to arrangement for all the medicine, food, blankets etc before abandoning the ships.

Cook Ranks and Salary On Ship

Generally there are two cooks on ships: Chief Cook and 2nd Cook. Chief cooks are also called as petty officers sometimes.
2nd Cook is sometimes called as general steward etc. So, these are ranks that are given to them.
Chief cook earns somewhere from 1500$ to 2100$ per month depending on the company. On the other hand, 2nd cook earns, somewhere around 900$ to 1400$ per month as per the experience and company they are working for.

Eligibility Criteria for Cook to work on ship

Well if you are graduated in a maritime hospitability course then, you just have to do the basic STCW courses and you are ready to work as a cook on the ship. Before this you need to get ‘Ship Cook’s Certificate’ and ‘Continuous Discharge Certificate’ before start sailing. This is mandatory for all the cooks, irrespective of what course they are doing.
Those who have just finished their High School can join the 6 months general purpose rating course. The age criteria here is somewhere between 17.5 year to 25 years. But this is in general, every country have its own rules, but general are these only.
Note: Those cooks who are sailing already, might needs to go for 2.5 days course which is sort of assessment for the cooking skills and other matter related to it.

Why there is an importance of Cook on Ship

If we keep the MLC guidelines and other internationally monetary stuff, crew onboard still needs the food, and this is the basic things. As they say a good meal on ship is always stress buster and people are happy when parties are organized on regular basis.
In the past years, on many ships it was seen that, when people of different nationalities are working, some of them were never able to eat better food, because of the food was not their choice. But due to coming MLC, certain guidelines have been set and companies are emphasizing more providing choice based foods to their crew.
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    I’m uday Moperkar. I’m a hotel management graduate. I do my training for 6 months and I want to become a ships cook in upcoming 2 years. So, I just want to ask you the question regarding the recruitment process: is that compulsory to have the experience of 5 star property to becoming a ships cook or either it will be countable the experience of restaurants also ??

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