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Shipping Companies List in Delhi and Chennai-Updated

In this post i have given the list of shipping companies that are present in India or have offices in India. We have given the Address and other relevant information related to these companies. Such information will be useful in case you are planning a visit to the office or applying for a new job! Shipping Companies in Delhi 1) ANGLO EASTERN […]

msc shipping
Shipping Industry

MSC Shipping Line Interview Questions-for cadets

In this post you will find the questions that were asked in the interview questions of the MSC shipping line or Mediterranean shipping company. Question discussed here are mix of questions that were asked from the Deck cadets and engine cadets. Some of the questions discussed here are answered (Technical one). MSC shipping is a container shipping companies.   MSC […]

Maersk PI and LI Test
Shipping Industry

AP Moller- Maersk PI and LI Test Questions and Preparations

Well Maersk has a very unique way of hiring people and have adopted a very standard procedure for it. LI and PI are the two important exams that they conducted while hiring a person in their organization. We will deeply go through that.    Maersk PI and LI Test Questions    Also Read: Maersk Interview Questions But first thing first, […]