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Sail America Industry Conference 2016

For the sailing lovers, a big conference being organized, and its name is Sail America Industry Conference 2016. For those who look in to the sailing as their passion and love to spend some time out there at the sea, away from the soil and concrete jungle, this conference is best for them. Get to learn and meet from all the experienced sailors out there. That being sad, there will be more in to that, like new gear available etc. Just read the information available below to attend this conference.

Sail America Industry Conference 2016

This is an, two day event, which is mainly focused on sailing. Sponsor of this event is B&G. As per the insights, the first day is mainly focused on the lifecycle of the people who sail. That means you will be made aware about the new practices, and other new equipments and sellers in the market. Concise information at one place.
Sail America Industry Conference 2015
Second day will mainly focus on as how to get more people into sailing. Tell them about new practices, and those who are reluctant because of the new things that are coming every day, those will be taught by the experts. Also those who already like to sail, will be there too. This conference gives its participant an insight about the new information that is related to the field of sailing. You can also exchange your ideas on this topic.
The event is schedules on June 22 to June 24 and will be held at Hyatt Regency New Port- Rhode Island.

For registration, please follow this link: Sail America Industry Conference 2016

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