Lifting or Lowering Safety Precautions on Ship

This article deals in the safety precautions that needs to be taken while doing the lifting operations on ship.

Unlike land, ship is a total different place to work with. It’s a floating body and needs a more precautions for lifting work as compared to land. Here we have discussed some of the measures that needs to be taken while doing the lifting operations at sea. For example when taking out pistons or taking provisions at the port. You are feel free to add more information in the comment section.

Safety While Lifting Or Lowering Weight On Ship

1)  Toolbox talk. People who will be part of lifting operations needs to know what the plan is. At least 2 people should be involved in every such operations.

2)  Check the lifting gear: Eyebolts, slings, ropes etc needs to be checked for their safe working load and condition too. Always put only 80% load on the system which it is designed for. So, if a crane is designed to lift 1 ton, it will be a good idea to only put 800 kgs load on it.

3)  Weather Factors: Before starting any lifting operations, keep in the mind the weather conditions. It is not a good idea to lift something when ship is rolling even 5 degree.

4)  Attach a rope: It is always advisable to attach a rope to the item which is being lifted. This rope will be used by the personal to keep the weight in one place and avoid unnecessary movements all over in the air.

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5)  Start Slowly and safely. Such operations needs to be started slowly to check if something is not wrong with the weight.

6)  Rope it equally. When you are putting a lifting gear like slings etc, it is imperative that they are equal in all dimensions. A slight difference in the dimensions can misbalance the load.

7)  Heavy at bottom and lighter at top: Heavy items in a box or wooden palate to be kept at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top.

8)  Use signs: Use the sign language while you are doing such operations as the ambience can be noise to hear. Sign language gives a clear instructions as what communication is going on. Below image shows the basic signs they are used everywhere.

9)  Signs for no under passing the load should be kept to warn people not to come near the hanging load.

10)         Safety first! If you think you are not sure how to do it, then ask for help. Always!

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