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Every Day checks in Engine Room Rounds from Funnel to Tunnel on Ship

When a duty engineer is taking rounds, half of the problems or troubleshooting can be done by them, if they check the items below given properly. This is for a specific ship, so some things can vary, but mostly things will be same. This piece of information gives idea to the engineer as what they have to and what not to. This is also useful when the engine room is being put in to UMS operations.

Everyday Routine checks in Engine Room of a Ship

Checks on Funnel Casing                                     
·         Funnel exhaust lines for leaks / vibrations.
·        Fire dampers / remote cylinder for leaks.
·         the soot blower sealing air fan (If any)
F –Deck Level                                                            
·        funnel exhaust lines for leaks / vibrations.
·         lift machinery room ( starboard Side )
·        Battery room exhaust fan.
D – Deck Level.                                              
·        The Air Handling Unit Room.
·        The amp’s for the accommodation blowers.
C –Deck Level                                                            
·        the emergency generator room and make sure the e/g is in auto.
·        the diesel oil tank level.
Exhaust Boiler Deck Level          
·        Funnel exhaust lines for leaks / vibrations .
·        Reduction steam pressure controller for leaks.
·        Feed water valves for leaks.
·        The soot blowers.
·        Expansion tank level
·        Engine control room deck
·        Engine room  crane secured
·        Air condition unit for control room ps. Temperatures – pressures – internal leaks – water inlet / outlet
·        Workshop : all electrical tools switches to be off. Air-condition switched off and water tight doors closed
·        Bow thruster & stern thruster panel – lamp test – hrs. Meter amp meter when running.
·        Air condition & provision compressor’s pressure’s, oil level, cooling water pressure, ‘v’ belt tension, freon level.
·        The HP,LP drum water levels.  And fill the chemical dosing tanks for hp & lp.
·        Cylinder daily tank level.
·        Hot water pre heater unit with pumps, leaks – noise – in / outlet pressures – temperatures.
·        Calorifier heater panel, power source – temperature – pressures – pumps for leaks and noise.
Engine Room Control Room Checks                                                             
·        Main switchboard – lamps – amp.meters – earth lamps – hrs. Meters – 220 volt feed panel – 440 volt feed panel syncro. Panel – generator running  – kw-meters and amp meters.
·        24 volt ups panel, output voltage / amps. – charger 1 – 2.
·        All parameters.  Alarm interlock list and manual mode list
·        Main cabinet for maneuvering system.

·        Fire alarm panel / disconnections.

Main Engine, Engine Room Rounds
Main Engine Top Floor                                                                 
·        Air drier for working /control air : pressure  –  lamps  –  pressure.
·        Service air reservoir : pressure – drain – leaks.
·        Service air compressors 1 and 2 : pressures – temperatures – lamps  – internal leaks – oil level.
·        Manually drain both service and main air bottles.
·        Main air compressor – oil level
·        The level and temperature of feed filter tank.
·        Fresh Water Generator
·        Sewage plant
·        Aux. Boiler for proper operation
·        Sterilizer
·        Re-hardening filter pressure
·        M/e units
·        Vibration level at platform :  for loose brackets
·        High pressure pipe  for any leakages.
·       M/E turbocharger- blower pressure drop- oil flow- signs of leaks- vibration
·        M/E  top bracing
·        High Pressure Pumps auto backwash filter unit
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Generator Room       Checks                                           
·        Sump level of both generators
·        A/e’ s for any sign of leakages
·        Purifier room exhaust fan for any abnormal noise or vibration
·        Priming pumps                                                                                                                                      
·        No. 3 a/e sump level.
·        For any signs of leakage.
Emergency Maneuvering Platform                                                                
·        And feel m/e under piston doors
·        Hps unit for leakages
·        Local pressure gauges and rpm indicator
·        Hps auto backwash filter unit control panel
·        Hps pump motor amperage
·        Air cooler pressure drop and inlet outlet temperatures
Central Cooler Deck Level                                                                      
·        central Fresh Water cooler
·        vacuum condenser
·        f.w hydrophore
·        m/e aux blower power panel
·        vacuum pumps and cooling water tank level
·        central cooling f.w pumps
·        water mist system- always to be in auto
Purifier Room Checks                                                                   
·        Drain water from hfo settling and service tanks
·         HFO settling and service tank temperatures
·        F.O heaters.
·        Purifiers and purifier feed pumps
·        Fuel supply pumps and circulating pumps
·        Boiler F.O pump
·        F.O autobackwash Filter                                                                                        Bottom Platform                                                                  
·        L.O auto backwash filter
·        Bilge levels
·        S.W pumps and ballast water pumps for leakages
·        Turbocharger l.o pumps and l.o coolers
·        And m/e crankcase door
·        M/e l.o pumps and l.o coolers
·        Thrust bearing temperatures
·        Scavenge drain tank level
·        Shaft earthing device
·        MGPS unit
·        Dosing pumps
·        Stern tube pumps and fwd seal pumps and cooler
·        Air sealing system for stern tube.
·        Stern thruster unit for any leakages
·        Hydraulic power pack for remote control valves- oil Level
Steering Gear Room                                                                       
·        Steering system for any leakages-  tank levels
·        Greasing pump and grease level in tank
·        Vibration compensator for any abnormality

So these were some of the checks that need to be carried out by an engineer in daily engine room rounds. If you think something is skipping, please feel free to comment below.

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