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Safety at Sea: A Serious Matter

This article highlights the importance of safety at sea and why this is the high time we start looking at the reason why we need it at all cost.

Working at sea has its own perks and dark side also. It is a continuous moving industry and demands work at 24X7. With ever increasing optimization, the cargo operations are faster and smoother. But, this on other end, pushes the people who are working at sea to their limits.

Lately the number of incidents happenings at sea have increased a lot. This is resulting loss of life or injuries that are affecting the future of the seafarers.

What Causing Injuries At Sea

There is multiple factor which is leading to it:

1)     Work pressure- Everyone who work at sea, knows about this. As said earlier, shipping industry is continuously moving, so you need to live up to it. Close port calls, short sea voyages and deadlines to meet. With MLC in place, it is helping a lot, but there is lot to be done in this way.

2)     Lack of Awareness: Well one of the main factor. Those who are working at sea, sometimes does not know the threats involved with the job they are doing, A proper risk assessment is never made or not properly discussed. Result is injury!

3)     The Ambience of Safety: Most often, ambiance which focuses on safety onboard is missing, which results in people bypassing the safety and hence the problem starts.

4)     Personal Protective Equipment’s: Most often there is not much emphasis on using that, which can result in minimizing the injuries while working. Good PPE is what you need to work at sea. For example, welder working out on ship, must wear gloves, eye protection, safety shoes and other much needed PPE. So, let’s say something hits on the eyes, it won’t affect it, as because of the protection.

5)     Bad Risk Assessment: It is one of the important factors. If you are doing a job, you need to do a proper risk assessment about it. And this same needs to be discussed with people who are part of work team.

How can we Prevent Injuries At Sea

There is not a complete book for this as how to do it. But surely, we can minimize the accidents happening at sea. If we can work upon the cases of these, it will surely bring down the numbers. Major shipping companies like Maersk, are constantly pushing higher limits towards the safety at sea. Creating an ambience of safety at work will boost it. On the other hand, proper PPE is the need of the hour.

Every year many seafarers suffers injuries which leads to lose of life and injuries resulting in restricted work. We are there to work and get home safer. Be vigilant and be safe.

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