Common Topics of Talk At the Sailor’s Work Place

Every work place have common topics to discuss about. So, we also thought covering one for the sailor’s work place too. Here we will cover some of the common topics of discussion out there. If you get a nice crew that is fun while talking, then your contract will end soon, that you won’t even know when did it passed.

Common Topics At sailor’s work place

Here are some of them:

The Cars

Yes! Men love to talk about it, and so does the sailor as well. Since there are so many sailors with different nationalities, this becomes a common topic for their discussion. What is bad, what’s good, who runs fast and who pulls more, all can be seen as point of discussion there.
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Previous Contracts

This is a topic that every sailor starts with. This way, they come to know whether you have sailed with that person on not. Quite good actually. Shipping is a rounded world, and you never know whom you stumbled upon on next contract. And the weird guy in last contract that made the life hell out there. The talk goes on…

About the Next Shore Leave and DRINKS

Sailing on water demands that you get regular breaks on the ports. One thing here is that, you always move in a group, so planning together is very good. A nice shore leave will surely bring down the stress. You will see them talking about what drinks they like and how one shore.

About Other Company

What is best out there in other company, what they offer. What type of ships they have, how much salary they provide. All of them are quite common topics of discussion when it comes to talk about the other company.

That One Person

There is always one person onboard about whom the conversation starts. He can be funny or can be the dictator type guy!


No matter how good or bad food is onboard, people will talk about it. Plus one nation guy will talk about the food of the other nation.

Your Relationships

Well women are always are part of sailor discussion (even if you don’t admit it). How many girlfriends you have (starts as a joke), will always be there. And if somebody doesn’t have one, then for the next few days you are the piece of talk. They love to talk about their family. Actually that is the thing that is keeping their spirit up all the time.

Next Party Onboard

Party onboard like Bingo, BBQ, etc are quite a good time to enjoy and also a time where you all are together. So, when people starts telling captain that they need a next party, which is when he or she plans to do so.

At the time of salary

 Same nationality will discuss about how much exchange rate you got this time. Although that doesn’t make much difference but talking about it is an interesting topic to discuss upon. Excitement is always there for the exchange rate.
So did we missed anything, if yes please comment below. This was all from this article on ‘Common Topics of Talk At the sailor’s work place’.

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