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‘WE WILL STOP THE SHIP’-says crew after No Sign off

Delays in sign off are putting seafarers at a great mental stress. As we can see in the letter that a crew of a ship has wrote to the shipping company that they are well over their contract lengths and would like to go for sign off. The details of the crew members have been removed by us considering the sensitivity of the matter.
Crew has reportedly contacted company for the sign off, but does not seems to be any kind of reply from their end. Ship is sailing coastal,life  so it should be easier for sign off in India as crew changes are already happening. As they have already completed their tenure and are well above that, it has started affecting their mental well being and thus can be serious challenge to operate ship in safe manner.
With no choice, they are compelled to stop the operations of the ship, if their requests are not heard. As seen, it is kind request by the top four seafarers of the vessel.

Stop the ship
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