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Ro Ro Ships (Roll-on Roll-off) are designed to carry wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, and trailers. They are equipped with ramps that allow the cargo to be driven on and off the ship, making them a popular choice for transporting vehicles and other types of wheeled equipment.

ro ro cargo ships

They come in different sizes and types, ranging from smaller vessels designed to transport cars and trucks, to larger ships capable of carrying thousands of vehicles. Some of the different types of ships include:

  1. Pure Car Carrier (PCC) – These are specialized designed to transport cars and other light vehicles. They typically have multiple decks and are equipped with ramps to allow cars to be driven on and off the ship.
  2. Pure Truck Carrier (PTC) – These are designed to transport heavy trucks and other types of wheeled cargo. They often have a larger cargo capacity than PCCs and may have multiple decks to accommodate different types of cargo.
  3. ConRo (Container-Ro-Ro) – These are hybrid ships that combine Ro-Ro capabilities with container shipping. They are designed to carry both wheeled cargo and containers, allowing them to transport a variety of goods in a single shipment.

  4. Livestock Carrier – These are designed to transport live animals, such as cows, sheep, and horses. They are equipped with specialized facilities, such as stalls and feeding areas, to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals during transport.
  5. Heavy Load Carrier – These Ro-Ro ships are designed to transport heavy and oversized cargo, such as construction equipment, wind turbine components, and other large machinery. They may have specialized features, such as reinforced decks and ramps, to accommodate the weight and size of the cargo.

Ro Ro cargo

Ro-ro cargo refers to a type of shipping method that involves roll-on/roll-off loading and unloading of cargo onto a vessel. The cargo is driven onto the ship’s deck using a ramp or a shore-based loading facility and then secured in place for transportation. Ro-ro cargo is commonly used for transporting vehicles, heavy equipment, and other wheeled cargo.

Ro-ro cargo vessels have large, open decks with few obstructions, which allows for efficient loading and unloading of cargo. This type of shipping is often used for transporting vehicles and other cargo that can be easily driven on and off the vessel. Ro-ro cargo ships can vary in size from small ferries to large, ocean-going vessels capable of carrying thousands of vehicles.

Ro-ro cargo has become an important method of transportation for many industries, including automotive, construction, and agriculture. It offers a fast and efficient way to transport large quantities of wheeled cargo over long distances.

roro vessel

Type of ships that are designed to carry heavy equipment like automobiles etc. They have a special ramp to land then easily on land.

roro transport

Ro-ro transport refers to the transportation of cargo using roll-on/roll-off vessels or ships. This type of transport is used for cargo that is wheeled, such as cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and other heavy equipment that can be driven onto the ship.

Ro-ro transport is an efficient and cost-effective way to move large volumes of cargo over long distances. The cargo is loaded onto the ship’s deck, secured in place, and transported to the destination port. The loading and unloading process is quick and simple, which reduces turnaround time and ensures timely delivery of the cargo.

Ro-ro transport is widely used in the automotive industry for the transportation of cars and other vehicles. It is also used for the transportation of construction equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes. Ro-ro transport is particularly useful for cargo that is too large or heavy to be transported by road, and for cargo that needs to be transported over long distances.

Overall, ro-ro transport is a reliable and efficient way to move large volumes of wheeled cargo over long distances, and it is an essential component of global trade and commerce.

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