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Electro Technical Officer Job on Ship, Eligibility, ETO Course and Salary

Those candidates who wish to part of Career which is related to Merchant Navy, and loves to work on electrical machinery, and then this post is very much helpful for them. ETO Course is what they need to do.

Who is Electro Technical Officer On Ships?

With advent of electricity, a new field of science was developed called as Electrical. Ship itself is a sort of power house having large generators and light distribution. On Passenger ships, the electricity generation and consumption is much higher. And also with coming of new engines, that are equipped with lot of electronics, it requires qualified man power to tackle the problem occurring onboard vessels.
Electro Technical Officer Salary, ETO Course
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Electro Technical Officer, are the designated people onboard who take care all the electrical related malfunction and maintenance. For instance if an electric generator malfunction to produce required voltage, then surely electric officer needs to look at the problem.

Work of Electro Technical Officer On Ships?

Every day starts with round of various electrical equipments and checking whether they are working properly or not. You have a sheet to note down various current and voltages at various panels. Plus if there is a problem on machine, you have to do the electrical isolation of that, before engineers can carry out work on it. With reefer cargo on container vessels increasing everyday, need of electricians is needed a lot.
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Those who are working on cruise ships might have to work on more different and sophisticated systems, but man power is more there as compare to merchant vessels. Also, some cargo ships have lot of refrigerated cargo to be transported from one place to another; there you might have 3-4 to Electrical officer to look out the proper working of reefer systems.
Basically Engineers and ETO officer, work together. He or she does the isolation and re wiring of the machine, once it has been repaired. You need to keep an eye on the lighting system all around the ships, including accommodation also. Plus those ships that are having cranes, proper inspection of their motors and other electrical component is needed.

Salary of Electro Technical Officer

Firstly you join ships as trainee, and have to learn things for about 6-9 months. After that as per the company policy you will work as Electrical Officer. Salaries of this rank various from ship company to company. You might get a salary between 3500$-7000$ a month on merchant vessels. In some passenger vessels company, you might get more than this. So as you can see, it is a good career to be chosen which is full of adventure and lucrative too.
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How to become ETO

Well you have to first take higher studies in the field of electrical and electronics. A deep knowledge about circuits and electrical components needs to be there. For example Diodes, electrical insulations, electrical measuring instruments, circuit working etc. After successful
completion of your studies, you might have to go for 4-6 months Pre Sea training which will train you for sea electrical systems, this is called as ETO Course.

How to become Electro Technical Officer from India

Here are the complete details for those who want to become ETO from India:

Electro Technical Officer Course from India

You have to go through 17 week (5 to 6 months) pre sea training. This training can be taken from various Directorate of Shipping approved maritime institutes.

Electro Technical Officer Course Fee

The fee structure will vary from college to college. The general range of fees vary from 3 lakh to 5 lakh, depending on the type of facilities being offered by various colleges. This will include all your expenses like food, study, fees, stay, clothing etc.

Eligibility Criteria for ETO

For ETO course this is the criteria.

Age limit-35 years
Educational qualifications: Passed 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Math, having 50% marks in English in 10th or 12th class exam. Passed Diploma with minimum 60% or 50% in 4year Engineering in below specified branches:
A.      Electrical Engineering,
B.      Electronics Engineering,
C.       Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
D.      Electronics and  Telecommunication and Communication
E.      Electronics and Instrumentation or equivalent.
3The diploma /degree courses must have been recognized by any State or Central Government or the  AICTE.
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DG Approved Maritime Institutes offering ETO course in India

So this was all from this article. If you have more information to be added in to this, please feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.
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194 Replies to “Electro Technical Officer Job on Ship, Eligibility, ETO Course and Salary

    1. You can join as wiper. After 18 months with watch keeping you can clear 4b exam. And join as 4 engineer. And approve your self after 48 month you can be chief engineer like. As per procedure.

      1. Hello sir ,
        I have done B.E electrical engg. In 2015
        Now i will join Coimbatore marine clg for eto course . I want to ask you that in the job interview they will ask about our education gap . For example i have completed B.E in 2015 and now i will complete my eto tranning in 2017 so there are two years gap . So they will ask about it or not
        Please reply me as soon as possible

          1. hello sir,
            i want to apply for electrical technical officers (ETO) course, i have (HND)high national diploma in electrical instrumentation & control technology. I an update about the course. thanks in anticipation. please i need your reply.

    2. You are eligible for Anglow eastern and bp marin institute. Great eastern do not accept Diploma degree for ETO,FROM 2016 july batch.

      1. Sir, i have passed b. Tech in EEE ..i started in 2011 and final in 2016.i.e i took 5 years to complete this course so i am eligible for ETO course or not?

      2. Hi .bro.. My qualification is .iti,diploma,be , in electrical and electronics branch … But .in engg I have one backlog … Can I qualified or not for eto ..

    1. Every college have their placement cell and they look after the students placement. It is wise to check colleges placement in past prior of taking admissions.

  1. Hi Sir, I have a discipline of EEE (B.E). I have a passionate to work in a marine sector. So I will take a course of ETO. Kindly, let me know about Is there any possibilities to prefer a WOMAN in that field? Chances to prefer a WOMAN??

    1. Hi,

      We are proud to share that Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. – Maritime Training Institute at Powai commenced its first batch of ETO with 5 female officers out of 30 participants.

  2. Sir, I thank u for the detailed article on ETO course. Pls clarify my doubts…
    I heard that the ETO should work in extreme temperature n heavy noisy environments in the engine side about 45*C and its a tough job to survive there…
    I passed b.tech in electronics n communications with 55%.
    Am not so good with heavy electrical equipments and with electrical side…
    I heard that ETO course is offered on 'low voltage side'…
    If there any course so that I could stick with the navigation radio, radar systems …ie communication side ..not heavy electrical equipments like generator side…if I study this particular ETO course any chance for me to work only @ the communication n radar systems side?
    Is ETO is different from ship engineer?
    do we getting a job as fourth engineer after doing ETO course ?
    pls help…

    1. Well this is truth that engine people have to work in hot environment-but not always. Its depends on which part of globe you are sailing. If in colder climate, nothing is better than engine room.

      As per IMO from 2017, every engineer and ETO must hold high voltage course in order to serve on ships above 1000V.

      Radar and other equipments hardly get problems on ships.

      Yes ETO is different from engineer. ETO is for Electrical troubleshooting and engineer for machines. But both have to work together.

      No Your rank will be electrical officer not 4th marine engineer officer.

  3. Sir,
    I would like to know about the radio officer job.I heard that nowadays radio officer job is eliminated by the shipping companies as they insist their 3rd or 4th engineer to take the certification n do the job.
    Is it true? Is there any scope for radio officer career in future ? What salary for a junior radio officer n senior R O.?
    In some sites it says about $3000 n in some others its only $500 as salary.How many years it will take one to promoted to senior R O?

    Sir ,
    I heard that a radio officer job in oil rig industry is pretty highly paid job and there R O plays a vital role. But in many job sites the employer is seeking a 3 year experience as a radio officer in "offshore"n vessels.
    So if I choose this radio officer course n later having experience in vessels,am planning to get a job of R O in rig industry.
    What's your opinion ? I value your suggestions very much as you have great knowledge in this field…so pls guide me for a better future …
    Pls let me know the pros n cons of my 'idea '.
    Am having a btech degree in electronics n communications but as am not so good @ electrical side is it wise for me to go for ETO course?

    1. my friend the position u are talking about is removed ages back now all the radios is handled by 3 officer and if any electrical fault happens then electrical officer takes care of it

  4. Hello Sir,
    Is there any carrier progression for ETO ?
    Can ETO become Chief Engineer ?
    I heard that if a Junior Electrical & Electronics Officer onboard ship gets OOW certificate and a specialized training certificate, will he become 4th Engineer or eligible for appearing in 4th Engineer Exam ?

    1. Hello Ashish,
      You mentoned that ETO can switch to mechanical side.what is the procedure for that and what do you mean by specialized training certificate.It will be very kind if you explain regarding the procrdures for switching..

    2. Hello Harsh sharma
      Where did your friend done class 4 exam. Is it Indian or any other country? Can u give me the details.
      @Ashish:-In one of your post you mentioned that existing EO'S can appear for class 4exam with OOW and specialised training…

  5. Could u pls tell me the colleges that offer "ETO WITH HIGH VOLTAGE COURSE"?
    When i enquired some colleges they said most of the colleges that offer 4months ETO course is without high voltage as per DG shipping circular and STCW 2010 rules…

  6. hai sir,
    how many years/contracts will it take for a trainee ETO to become Assistant ETO and then to become ETO?
    could u pls give the salary details at each stage?
    What are certificates offered under ETO course in india?

    1. Its depends on company to company, but I think 6 months will be sufficient. Salary range is given above.

      As far as certificates about ETO are concerned, please refer to the respective colleges.

  7. sir, there is a job guaranty after course completion. because course cost is very huge amount to me..

  8. Sir, I have just completed my 17 weeks ETO course and have got an offer to join a research vessel. Would it be wise to join such a vessel during my 9 months training period? What is the future after my completion ? Please advise

  9. Hi good day sir, i currently work as an electrical 0fficer. How can i upgrade my career to be an eto. Please give me a piece of advice.thanx a lot.have a nice day!

      1. Sir , I think he is as an electrical officer to serve on ship and long time serviced,
        he mean , how to change from e/o coc to eto coc.
        Sir , same me , how to change from e/o coc to eto coc?
        bacause I working a long time on ship, have family/ car / home / kids, no time going back in class.
        Do you have another way or some course to guidline for in case,
        Or any course for (electrical officer) upgrade to electro technical officer course.

  10. sir which institute is better for ETO and for Placement?
    sir i have 3 option 1 is the great eastern 2 is the anglo eastern and 3 is the AMET.
    sir pls give me a guidence which institute i join?

    1. We Don't think that these days propelling time is counted, as most of the time ships are running. But still some days above the prescribed sailing period is advised. Like if 180 days are needed, sail for 185 or 190 days.

  11. plz don't do this eto course….a huge amount of money is spent but is at last of no use.. none of the colleges provide placement….no companies take fresher etos,,,, there are already so much etos ….plus only one eto per ship….most ships don't have etos….. it is managed by 3rd engineer…. future is really bleak. trust me friends….i have suffered a lot. don't enter this field. do a shore job in any industry.

    1. Am complete B.E EEE then I think after join for ETO course… your opinion tel me sir ..can u tel me ETO placement details Sir ..pls

    2. Sir,
      Is the training under companies which provides sponsorship(Anglo Eastern) also a failure to join.Pls help as I am planning to move into this field.

  12. Hi Mr. Bikramjit Nath and Mr. John Raymond
    Please can you inbox me you email address via mine e.u.ezenwankwo@gmail.com i have gone through your comments and found out your reach in knowledge in this filed and I think I need your help as per guidelines thank you.

  13. Can you tell me now DG shipping make compulsory to do ETO course to every existing electrical officer who dont have 12 month seatime before 2012 is that true i have 24 month sea experience after 2012 so which college is better for us and can you also post the name of college which have dg approved its helps many more thanks waiting your reply

  14. Sir I would like to know career progression as an ETO since its one rank job with no promotion or salary hike.

    But I heard ETO can shift to Engine department and go on to become chief engg, is it right, if yes please tell the procedure in detail like how much sea experience is needed for this…etc

  15. Hi Ashish,

    I have cleared my entrance xam for eto in Angloeastern but their is a delay in interview round , how should I prepare for it?

    1. Congratulations!

      Well you can browse couple of articles here which are based on interview. Basically since you are from the electrical niche, some go through from the electrical topics is always advised.

    2. hey anonymous
      1st you wrote negative comment about the course now u r into it……what's the matter…
      hey ashish
      i want to ask about job surety after the course….
      please advise me sir

    3. hello… iam planning for anglo eastern. for entrence exam need ur help.. pls contct me on 9907227715… waitng for ur response soon.. do call me pls

  16. Dear Sir ,I completed my ELectrical and Electronics ingineering with 69% of marks.And now i have 3 years of Experience in electrical and instrumentation system .includes Controlpanels,Electromech Devices,Electronics Controllers and Also in Programming to control electrical and mechanical .so i need to do any course ?is there any age limit for the course?

  17. GM sir.. i want to join ETO course. But i read above comment of 1sept 2015. the above person is giving negative comment about this course so i'm little worried.can you please give me the detailed about placement? why IMU is removed high voltage from course?

    1. Yes, job market is little bad right now, but that does not mean you never pursue a career. But yes, being sponsored from a shipping company, before doing the course is quite necessary these days.

      1. Im oil rig ET for 2 years now is there any way to change to shipping vessels. If it is possible how to change with this experience. I listened that shipping vessels companies are paying more to ETO.

  18. Sir, i completed my b tech in applied electronics and instrumentation from a government college.as per the criteria it says "electronics and instrumentation or equivalent". So can i do this course???i have already applied for ETO course with great eastern.They provide sponsorship right??? I also have an equivalent certificate which states that my course is equivalent to electronics and instrumentation course. Kindly advice me if ill have problem in getting cdc or coc?

  19. Sir I want to join eto course ,I have completed my btech in electrical and electronics engineering, and could you please tell me the good institute for me and what is present situation in this field like job opportunities, please notify my comment sir

  20. Sir,iam completed my bachelors degree in electrical and electronics engineering and I want to join eto course so could you please tell me the best colleges regarding the job opportunity procedure to join in eto course please sir

  21. Sir it's my last year of BSC,scored 61% in bsc1&2. Can i apply in Cet for DNs course?? My 12 PCM-51% n in english-82%. Am I applicable for CET??
    What is the procedure of getting sponsorship means before qualifying CET how to get sponsored?

  22. Pramjeet–
    Sir ,I am Mechatronics engineer passed out in 2010 as of now I am 30 years age.Can you recommend me best college with good placement record for ETO course .As in the article -maximum age is 35 years .Apart from recommending ,can you please tell me about Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training (HIMT)  ,chennai for ETO course.Please reply sir

  23. hi sir i m suhas… i have completed degree in electonics and telecommunication with 55%marks i want to join eto course but my 10and 12 th english marks is 48…. i m not fit for eto…. if any other way to join eto please suggest me…… can i give 12th english paper for improvement…… plz give me suggetion

  24. Dear Sir,
    Good day,
    I am Bangladeshi national & CDC holder. I want to know, how I can get ETO CoC form Indian DG, I working as Radio Officer on board since 1994 to 2006, as Electrical Officer on board since 2007 to onward. I am Electrical diploma holder, I did Radio Electronic Cum Electro Technical Course, from Seacom Marine Collage, Kolkata, India on 2007.
    It will be very helpful if you Pls advise what is the requirement for appear ETO CoC Exam from Indian DG shipping.

    Best Regards
    Syed Zakir Hossain
    Electrical Officer

  25. Dear

    I am looking ETO course. My age is 33 years so I have one question I am other country (from Nepal). I have BE in EEE from India 2007. So that I am eligible or not for this course make me clear please.

    Best Regard

  26. hi i have done 10th and diploma and than BE IN Electrical eng IS AM I ELIGIBLE FOR ETO. I HAVE NOT DONE 12TH.

  27. hi Admin,

    Well, it’s pleasure on reading your dedicated article on ETO.
    As, i work as an MEP Engr in Dubai and I’m thinking of doing this ETO COURSE and to transform my career to marine field.
    I have pursued Btech ECE from India.

    What I would like to know is that, can i do this course here in Dubai?
    And as per your level of expertise, is the scope of work good than my present position please?

    Your reply with effective details would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

  28. for eto course in eligibility criteria only last year percentage considered or agreegate percentage

  29. Hello sir, My name is Mehul, I have cleared diploma electrical engineering, and I want to do ETO course, so I wanted to know that , can I take a student loan for the payment of this course fees….

  30. Heloo sir,
    I want to join ETO course this year from Anglo eastern.I had done B.tech (eee) branch in 2012.I am clearing all the eligibility for it.I had 3 years of working experience. Will this course is good for me to make money and what is the salary structure.will I get ships after doing this course.plz tell me this and the fee structure of eto course

  31. Hi, Myself chanikya. I hav complited b.tech with the stream of electronics and communication engineering with aggregate of 66.64% if I have joined in eto course then I will get job definitely plz give me confirmation bcz I hav interest in marine side.

  32. I have passed my B.Tech in Electrical with an average 70% of mark and want to take admission as ETO calcutta institute.Kindly let me know the admission procedure and course fees

  33. Hi, My self Mehul parmar, I want to know that Which course is better Gp rating or ETO, as a promotion point of view, There is only 1 eto in ship…

  34. Dear Friends ,
    There is no promotions for ETO in shipping ,whereas all other ranks have promotions.In Ship ETO is always an operational role .ETO needs to prepare PTW ,then finish the trouble shooting and finish the job. All done by him .Little assistance will be available to him.After working for the last 6 years as ETO ,I am regretting now as most of my friends have become 2nd Eng and C/Officer .Best option is to become a marine engineer.

    1. Dear sir

      If I get ETO + CoC in any college in india . Can I get job easily or I choos only higher college . And I have diploma after 12 th but in 12 not PCM can doing ETO course. And what is salery after 2-3 year of experience in ship . I also have industrial experience in automation field so I go for ETO or other oil and gas industry job . Please give me advise I am very very confuse about choosing my career now.

      If you can give me your cell number please miss call me or write your number I call you for career guidance…

      Thanks in advance..
      91 9610880033

  35. Dear Friends,
    I have not done 12th, instead i did Diploma in Electronics Engineering and BE/BTech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.
    Am i eligible for the ETO course from any of the colleges.

  36. Hi sir/madam I need fr ur help.. i have got only 99 out of 200 marks(49.5%) in english in 12th standard. but i have got the 89% in diploma(EEE). And 7.7 cgpa in BE(EEE)so, can i apply for this course.
    Am eligible for the ETO course from any of the colleges.??

  37. Dear sir ,
    After joining a college for ETO course kindly provide us the flow how it goes like after taking admission what is in front ? Like the whole procedure after taking the admission till become a successful ETO officer

  38. sir, after 10thwith 81*.07%, i’m completed 12th but due to some reason 12th passed but below 50% marks, after that i’m completed diploma in electrical engineering on 10th base* with 72.94% & after that i’m complete BE electrical engineering with 62.60%.
    so please sir tell me can i qualify or not. my DOB is 20/06/1992

  39. Dear Sir,

    I am B.Tech graduate in ECE. I plan to join ‘Euro Tech College’ Earnakulam for ETO course. So my doubt is after this course is there any exam for certification and how to become eto trainee in ship?? Is that college give the placement??

    Hope a favourable response soon

  40. Sir
    I am ECE graduate whi satisfies all criterions for ETO course.
    Want to join BP marine college for ETO course. Is it worth joining ?
    I know you will say that i can go and check placement status
    But sir I just want to ask you whether you would join BP marine if you were at my place.
    I will be highly obliged if you guide me for institute selection
    Thanking you

  41. I have taken admission in bp marine academy for eto….so i want to is that ok for my carrier….or i get oppurtunites after doing this course…please revert regards uoender singh

  42. Hi,

    I have successfully cleared the entrance exam and psychosomatic test of ANGLO EASTERN COLLAGE.
    I have interview for ETO course in October. Please suggest me how to crack the interview?

    kind regards,

  43. Sir,

    I am Jamsheed Writer, I have a query about ETO that i have just recently completed my Masters in Electrical Engg, also i have done B.E and Diploma in Electrical Engg but sir i have done Diploma after 10th standard, i have not done 12 th am i eligible?

    secondly the spectacles number if more than +/- 2.5 then is it allowed?

  44. Hello sir! i have a question….will i be eligible if i get 60% agg in final year (EEP).. or that 60 % is counted from whole 4 years? and if i am dropped out can i join MN? plz help me.. thank you.

  45. Sir actually i m doing Electrical Engineering.. Diploma …And i want to join merchnat navy…but i m confused that ..after degree its better for me to join eto in merchnat navy or after dipolma in electrical engineering… Plz suggest me ..sir what is better for me to join ETO..after diploma or degree.. In EEE

  46. Hai sir i complete the engineering in electronics and communication and now i am working in ship building company as a electrical engineer ,and please tel me how to get the Eto certificate without going to the college.

  47. Sir,
    according to you there is no such promotion scemes for eto’s,so is there any way to switch into engine section?and if there is not is that means there is no salary increment?

  48. Hello sir, i just want to know about complete process for eto exam. My question is that how can i apply for the course, like do i have to apply for every colleges individually or is there any common exam for all colleges so that one can get admission according to his score obtained in that common test??

  49. Hello,

    don´t take ETO route, you will be dumped by the industry as soon as they will not need you.
    (automatic control and troubleshooting will come by double systems)
    There is no promotion as well.
    Just like they did with the Radio Officers, with the help and advise of the Masters.

    just coose other industry, shipping is just too shortsighted.

  50. I am pass out diploma in electronics and telecommunication engineering and i want to take addmission in electro technical officer. But i am eligible or not eligible for ETO course please rply me as possible as. I am not eligible then how to eligible for this course? Tell me fees range of this course.

  51. Can I do the ETO course after the age of 35 years.What are the criteria after 35 years age for ETO. Is there any exemption of age for this course.

  52. i have done diploma + degree in electrical engg from mumbai university ..i can take admission in great eastern ?

  53. good morning sir

    this is amit kumar actually i did cadet course in 2011-2012 but got librerian CDC and i am not satisfy with this so i want to do ETO course may i eligible for this …..

    and i have all my documents pre sea training certificate,endos,stcw,otf

    please suggest me sir

    thank you

    thanks & regard

    amit kumar


  55. hello sir,
    i am persuing BE in ECE ….there is promotion like 1st,2nd…engineer for mechanical student…..for ECE student there is no position like them.. so i totally confused……
    please send details about job…

  56. Hi sir,
    I am chanikya. I have completed my B.tech with stream of E.C.E with an aggregate of 66.4% in the year of 2015. I want to do the course of ETO, plz help with full details regarding that and i want to know how to get the sponsored by company. More over i have an eye site with 2.75 is there any problem with my eye sight.

  57. hi sir, i am diviya am completed BE (EEE) in 2016..my aim is to become an lead officer in marine now i choosed ETO course to start my carrier in ship…but i need to know that womens are elligible to do ETO course or not…
    may i eligible for this couse… i need your response as soon as possible sir…

    1. my experience of 25 years in merchant I havnt find or listen any women working in ships in electrical side. Its not that easy now a days low quality highly automated ships have always something going on, Harsh working enverionment in engine room.

  58. Hi sir. Sandeep Shetti here serving as Electrical officer since 2013. Cud u pls let me know whether ETO course and mmd exams are mandatory to sail further or not..?? Pls advise. Thanks and regards..

  59. I have completed my b.tech degree in electrical stream in march 2017 with 5.68 cgpa or 52% .
    my degree is of 4 and half year…so am i eligible for electrical officer course…
    and where should i join this course…….

  60. Dear sir I did my diploma in electrical engineering just after matriculation and I did not completed my 12th std. Kindly tell me am I eligible for ETO course.

  61. Can i join as eto if i have done 11th then diploma woth 68.2% and pursing b tech in electrical engineering final year
    Can i apply any colg for eto course on diploma bas.

  62. Sir,
    I got an opportunity to work as an eto in one of the american based shipping company. But i have only the cirtificates of diploma and btech in eee.but i have no eto course completion cirtificate. Suppose if i selected as an electrical engineer then this eto certificate is required or not to work with them. Any additional cirtificate or documents are required rather than my btech and diploma cirtificate. If it is required then what is the easiest way to get that sir. Please help me

  63. Sir I have completed my 12 exams and I have got admission in second year diplomain e&tc but I have got 36 marks in english in 12 board and above 70 marks in 10 boards exams so I am eligible for eto corse or not ?

  64. Dear sir,

    I complited 10th 82% and diplomo EEE. 72% in 2014. Can i eligible to do eto course.

    But i never complete 12th with this qualifications can i able to do eto

    Thank u

  65. I need to know the scope of growth and starting package if i join as an ETO. I got selected for Great eastern shipment. Please help in this regards

  66. My diploma performance are not good & my dream is join to ETO cource how hard wark i will join in this cource plz advice me

  67. Dear sir,
    I am completed b.tech (EEE) in 2012 from jntu hyderabad.then after i am work in 3 year in building maintenance in india. And currently i am working in saudi arabia huta marine company as a electrical engineer in cutter suction dradger.now my 2 year is complete .i want to work in sailing ship but i have no any certificate fot work in sailing ship .
    Please help me how to i am work in sailing ship.

  68. Respected sir,
    I have completed BE in Electronics and Communication, And also i have done STCW course
    is there any chance to get as ETO on ship???

  69. Can i aligible for 3rd engineer exam after completing ETO course and 2 or more sell. What can i reach the chief engineer post?

  70. I am a software engineer in cognizant from last 3 year. I want to change my profile. I searched and found that I can be ETO officer. From now is it possible and what are the possible ways. Please some one guide????

  71. Hello sir i have done diploma and btech in electrical engineering. But after 10th.. is there any chance to get into this job..

  72. Hi sir i want information about eto course eligibility criteria
    I have 10 pass with 53% and in English have 50 marks out of 100
    12th- 51% and with pcm group
    And have seperate marks –
    English -34
    Please tell me exactly that I m eligible for ETO
    Course or not
    Please ensure that I can do ETO course or not

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