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merchant navy salary after 10th complete details

merchant navy salary after 10th is better than other profession as you are working for various multinational companies. Below are the complete details regarding it.

merchant navy salary after 10th

Considering that you’re going to join the Merchant Navy after 10th class that means you are doing a GP rating course from India and then after completing the GP rating course which is of six months duration training period on land you approach shipping companies for the job as a trainee. First ship is always a trainee ship your rank can be Viper or on the deck it can be OS which is called as ordinary seaman.

When you go as an ordinary seaman wiper different companies have different salaries so the starting salary can be somewhere from $400 to all the way to $1000 as well. It totally depends upon the type of ship and how much experience you have in that trend but more or less the salary fluctuates between this.

The GP Rating course (General Purpose Rating course) is a pre-sea training program for individuals who wish to work in the Merchant Navy as deck or engine crew. The course provides essential knowledge and skills to work on board a merchant ship as a rating or junior officer.

The duration of the GP Rating course is 6 months, and the course covers topics such as navigation, seamanship, ship stability, cargo handling, firefighting, first aid, personal survival techniques, and shipboard safety.

The eligibility criteria for the GP Rating course varies depending on the institute providing the course, but typically, candidates must have completed 10th standard or equivalent with at least 40-50% marks in English, Mathematics, and Science subjects. The age limit for the course is usually between 17.5 and 25 years.

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates are awarded a Certificate of Competency (COC) and are eligible to work as a rating or junior officer on board a merchant ship. The GP Rating course is a good starting point for those who wish to pursue a career in the Merchant Navy.


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