Overspeed Trip
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What is Overspeed Trip, its types and how it works

An overspeed trip is required to ensure that fuel supply will be cut off from engine if its speed exceeds the predetermined value. Over speeding will result if there is ·        Sudden removal engine load such as propeller coming out of water in rough weather, failure of clutch, fracture in a drive shaft of engine. ·        Stuck fuel control shaft. Any trip […]

oil mist detector
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Oil Mist Detector Alarm: Actions to be taken and what to do or not

Oil Mist Detector is equipment which monitors the environment inside a crankcase space of an internal combustion engine and thus tells the engineer, in case of formation of any type of explosive vapors occurring in the crankcase of engine. This is a preventive step avoiding crankcase explosion taking place. Here is the step by step procedure, to be followed in […]