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Suez Authorities Arrest EVER GIVEN ship over $900 million Fine

Things are not so good for the crew of EVER GIVEN in the past weeks. Firstly major grounding in the canal which blocked it for over more than 6 days, and when they were able to sail out, they are stuck again. As per the reports, Suez authorities are demanding as much as $900 million dollars in compensation from the shipping operator. For the time being they have arrested the ship. Authorities want for an out of court settlement. Negotiations are still going between the ship operator and authorities over the amount of fine.

As per the technical manager of EVER GIVEN, BSM in a statement said that the survey conducted by ABS, found under water structure to be sound and vessel is fit to sail. Vessel is Currently Anchored in Great Bitter Lake.

It is to be noted that investigation regarding this whole incident is currently under way.

image credits: maxar technologies

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