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My First Sailing, And it is Fabulous-By Shipra

The only reason for going to sea was to be with him. His joining came in the month of January’19 and this time “P” was at home for a very short duration, only 2 months ( shortest vacation till date).

Beginning of My Journey: Time to Meet Him

And when my joining came in the month of March’19 .. actually we were planning this from past one year but couldn’t make because of my professional commitments and suddenly two weeks back it was confirmed and I had to fly to Houston, USA to board the vessel.

I was very excited about the perspective of seeing him after 2 months of being apart and also to visit to new places.As this was going to be my very first sailing so didn’t have much idea about the life I was going to experience on board.

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Before joining the vessel, had mixed feelings as I had quit my job and was thinking maybe I’ll get bored on-board, and was also scared of sea sickness. But the thought of being with him overcame it all.

I was looking forward to celebrate Holi ( festivals of colours) with him on-board , as this was going to be our first Holi together post wedding. YES there are few festivals left which we still have to celebrate together, see that’s how we manage to maintain the fresh & new feel in the three and half years of our marriage😜.
Sailor queen
And I am sure most of the sailor’s queen can relate to this and smile .And my sailor always says that “Whenever together, each day is Festive “.So post reaching Houston, US, I had to catch a boat to reach the vessel as it was anchored off shore at Gulf of Mexico.

After 4 hours of boat ride I finally reached the vessel. I looked up and the ship was so massive beyond my wildest imagination. So if this thought had anytime clicked you that “how one climbs a VLCC mid sea “then this one for you.The new captain was joining with me, so I asked him “How we gonna climb the ship?” He replied..BASKET as weather is not that good.
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Then suddenly I saw a tyre sort of thing tied with net around coming down from the ship, hanging on a crane hook and guess what that is the “BASKET”.And to climb the ship , I had to stand on the tyre , holding net with my hands and the crane was going to pull me up from the boat and I was supposed to be flying in the air between sea and sky for few seconds. I tried to mentally prepare myself as I had to cover a 20 meters height from boat to ship and that too hanging in that Basket , when I don’t know how to swim and has fear of heights.
At Sea
And what if I fall down in the sea; this thought made me so panic and then to my rescue came my knight in shining armour to boat to help me climb up.

The most thrilling and craziest experience of my life so far and actually most romantic as well . “P” calmed me down and helped me wearing the life jacket and like a movie scene we both climbed up hanging on crane hook, by looking into each other’s eyes .. too much filmy It became.

But after spending around 15 days on-board. I started to realise the great chance I have been offered. Not many people get this opportunity to sail with their sailor due to many reasons but I find myself lucky to experience the life which my man lives here at sea.

Best part is that, I am seeing him working first time in my life, otherwise I have always seen him relaxing at this means he is normal just like others… oooppss!! kidding. I saw him taking charge of engine room in drills which makes me really proud.

A seaman’s life is never easy, it’s always full of hard work, risks and rough weather with pain of staying away from their loved ones for months.

We are still at anchorage and I am yet to experience my first sail. And so far it’s going fantastic . The team here is amazing and as I am the only lady on-board so lots of attention, care & concern. But if you are still struggling to decide whether to sail or not with your man , then definitely give it a try because life is beautiful with your sailor whether on land or at sea.

I am yet to experience many more things here at sea .. so will definitely share more of my sailing experience with you all. Stay tuned to read more of my personal experiences

About Shipra

Bio : My name is Shipra Chauhan Rawat , I am 27 yrs old and happily married to a sailor. I am a soft skill retail & hospitality trainer by profession.
I am someone who loves life’s every moment, enjoy traveling especially road trips, dancing, parting and playing pranks on friends, watching movie and paining.
For more updates, you can follow me on Insta @shiprachauhanrawat

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