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After 4 Years, Chief Officer Stuck On Ship, Is Going Home

For many of us, even one day in a place where we don’t want to be seems hard and unforgettable. But, would you imagine someone living on a dead ship for 4 years and that too because of poor legal system.

Chief Officer Mohammed Aisha from Syria was stuck on a ship for 4 years in Egypt. You can read more as what happened. Stuck for 4 years on a ship.

But finally due to the efforts of ITF, he is finally going home. In a world where we talk about human rights, no one seemed to care for this seafarer. His ordeal and experiences tell us that there is a complete failure of humanity at all levels.

It was possible to send him home after ITF was able to present Egyptian Court someone who can replace him, which ended his 4 years ordeal in such pity condition.

We thank ITF for such great services around the globe.

mohammad aisa

There have been so many similar cases where at the end of the day, seafarers have to bear all the pain and sufferings. On one had we have strict rules for everything in shipping, but seems like those work only on paper. Otherwise such incidents should not happen on regular basis.

Image Credits: ITF

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