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Shock of coming home from the Ship

The culture shock of coming home from the ship and having to relearn how to be a part of society. The moments you spend re-examining yourself in the mirror because you forgot what you really looked like out of the ships clothing. The bruises, cuts and scars from working in the harshest environments and conditions. Wearing normal clothes is the most comfortable feeling on earth. Even the jeans you barely fit into anymore. Getting sick every time you come home because you are able to eat civilized food again and drink your favorite drinks. Getting dressed with the some nice party clothes. Amazed at how you gain so much weight without trying. Having to sleep without a fan (because the room you are in now is too loud, noisy land). All clothes are already ironed and kept in wardrobe. Now you can just walk in to stores, saloon to get your things done.
Things Not To Forget Before Joining The Ship
Suddenly being thankful for literally everything you own and experience in a normal day. Showering without mixture of hot and cold. The water is a normal hot, and doesn’t switch to ice cubes then to burning steam before losing pressure. And no more laundry rooms. You still think there is a alarm and also whenever phone rings, you are called for departures or arrivals. Walking on the road becomes difficult as so many people are there (even though not that much).

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Not being able to sleep because you are no longer in rough seas. The bed is still and the room isn’t rolling. It’s noisy. Suddenly days are bigger as you don’t have work. While all are busy in their jobs, you are so much to even see birds flying around. Morning and evening prayers are there. Now you can watch videos in high speed internet. You are no longer sleeping alone (if you are married). Suddenly there is no fixed time table. Every day is Sunday and Sunday. Few weeks pass by to get used to the conditions.

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