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Purifier Problems: 6 Most Common and Their Solution

Purifier problems are discussed about the purifiers, most common problems and how we can rectify them easily. Troubleshooting is a major part of a marine engineer work place. And if done in a systematic and ideal approach, it can save lot of hard work and also time. In this article have picked six common problems that are very common, yet consumes most of the time when it comes to solve them. So, let see which those ones are.

  • Bowl Speed Low
  • Feed Pressure Low
  • Bowl not closing or leaking
  • High Water Content
  • Low Back Pressure
  • Oil Temperature High

Purifier Problems: Common

These common problems we will discuss and also the solutions to the same.

Bowl Speed Low

Reasons for the bowl speed low or purifier not getting the desired RPM are:

  1. Belt is slipping (if belt drive)
  2. Worn out gear system (if gear system)
  3. Bearing damaged
  4. Motor is not working fine
  5. Frequency is less
  6. Coupling pads or centrifugal clutch is worn out.

Actions: Spray the belt dresser and get the belt cleaned. You can use a rag. Be sure that breaker is off as rotating parts can do lot of injury. Same goes with gear and coupling pads. Check them and replace. Bearing if damaged can be seen with metal particles in oil sump.

Feed Pressure Low

This is among the common alarms, and the reasons are

  1. Feed pump not working up to the mark
  2. Heater is fouled
  3. Filter for pump is clogged

Actions: Check the pump pressure and inlet pressure at the purifier. If pressure at pump is all right and pressure at purifier is low, that means heater is clogged.

Bowl Not Closing or Leaking

Following reasons can be there for such problem

  1. Water Pressure is less
  2. Sealing o-ring or gasket is damaged or worn out
  3. Less RPM of purifier
  4. Slide Bowl not working properly.

Actions: Before opening up the purifier, it is recommended to check the water supply pressure and RPM of the purifier.

High Water Content

Reasons for such problem are mentioned below:

  1. Leaking steam heating coil in settling tank or lube oil cooler is leaking
  2. Heater for oil is leaking
  3. The gravity disc or pairing tube is not working properly.

Actions: Check the heater for leakage. Also take the sample after the heater or settling tank and measure the water content in that.

Low Back Pressure

Following things can be the reason of such problem:

  1. Pump is not supplying oil with enough pressure
  2. Regulating valve is not adjusted properly
  3. Air for the recirculation valve is not properly given, hence all the oil re-circulates back.
  4. Closing water for bowl is not enough and leaking
  5. Strainer of the supply pump is clocked
  6. Bowl is leaking
  7. Sensor is defective.

Actions: Above reasons should be checked for proper function. Check the strainer of the supply pump, especially if the purifier is used for HFO separation. They tend to get dirty very fast.

Adjust the regulation valve once you start the purifier with clean filter. Mark the position.

Also make sure that the operating water pressure is good enough.

Oil Temperature is not correct-High or Low

Reasons can be following for same

  1. Supplied oil is too cold
  2. Heater is clogged
  3. Temperature controller valve malfunctioned
  4. Sensor for temperature is wrong
  5. Recirculation valve malfunction

Actions: Heater should be checked for the proper working and also check if the temperature controller valve reacts properly as per the need. Also the oil fed to the supply pump, should be of correct temperature grade.

So these were the common problems that are associated with the purifier and how they can be rectified easily. If you have any problem and need the solution for the same, please feel free to comment below.

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8 Replies to “Purifier Problems: 6 Most Common and Their Solution

  1. Hi I’m currently working on my purifier S956 Alfalaval. After it was inspection overhauled, it works properly in good condition, then I run it for 1 day and stopped and set to Stby. After a month we need to run 3 purifiers so I started the one on stby, it runs for for 2 days without any alarm, then suddenly on its almost 3 days running it gives up, coming alarm “leaking in the Bowl, then I check water pressure and Water valve block filter and orifices.. it was in good condition so I started it again and it runs successfully, but alarm coming after a day. So we open again and replace all the O-rings and sealing ring I really checked it carefully with the manual but after we assembled and Started it became worst. Now the Alarm coming during the Leak Test at P238. .. now may I ask some help some knowledge from you if ever you experience this before.??

    Your response is well appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

    New 3E just 3 months in rank

  2. I have a problem
    With my lube oil purifier. I start and run well no alarms but the problem is always flashing or discharge closing bowl is ok but operating water from closing the bowl very excessive reasons that always flashing the purifier. The the water block valve are new installed except the solenoid itself. Do you have any idea or experience same problem was before? Please help I am newly promoted 4e on board ship.


  3. Hi , i am 3rd engineer working on a westfalia purifier and came to remark this:
    Before my purifier discharge pressure was 1.5 Bar i sign off and since i join back when i start the purifier again the discharge pressure is now 1.2 / 1.1 bar . i have check water supply , air operating 3ways valves and feed pump filter and they are in good condition.
    NB: when i insist and restart the purifier 2 or 3 time it starting to discharge at normal pressure 1,5 bar

    can someone help me out to understand this please?

    1. Because during starting it is 1.5 bar, but slowly pressure reducing, so it can be that bowl is not sealing fully, hence have less pressure. Also this pressure can be checked for correct reading.

  4. try to change the water block valve according to the specification or else check the operating water and air pressure

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