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9 Purifier Checks Before You Start It

Purifier Checks are mentioned in this article and will be helpful for all the engineers. The same can be printed out and put near the purifier so that no misshapen occurs while starting it. Although, we might know as how to operate machinery. But it is good to start it every time by following the desired pre checks and post checks. Few checks can save lot of hard work from by avoiding damage to machines and their subsequent overhauls.

Purifier checks are there to make sure that the machinery is started without having problems and will have smooth operation. Since it is a high speed rotating machine, every minute details for this running process needs to be pre checked, before putting into operation. Let’s discuss the nine checks that you should do before starting the purifier.

Purifier Checks- To be done

Following are the checks that need to be carried out before starting purifier:

Oil in the Sump

Check the lube oil inside the sump of the purifier. Color and any kind of sediments should also be visually checked. Any metal particles indicate bearing damage. Also the color of the oil will tell you if there is a leakage of water in to the sump. Whitish color oil indicates that it is subjected to the water ingression.

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Filter of Supply Pump

Run the supply pump and see the pressure on suction and discharge. It will clearly indicate the condition of filter. If suction pressure is not within the limits, same needs to be cleaned. Keeping a spare cleaned filter is a nice practice.

Sludge Valve Open

Most of the purifier has the sludge pipe outlet with a closing valve. Some makers provides an interlock if valve is closed. Purifier will not start. Make sure you open the valve before you start it.

Note: De- Sludging a purifier with sludge valve closed can lead to serious damage to the property and the personal around it.


Water is used for operation inside the purifier like for sealing water, opening and closing water. Check that the supply is open and pressure is correct. A pressure of 4- 5 bars is good enough.

Brakes should be open and checked for condition. Any worn out pads needs to be checked and replaced.
Note: Some manufacturer doesn’t provide brakes in the purifier.


Heater is a critical component which needs to be checked for proper function. Check that the steam for the heater is open and controller is working. If for some reason the controller is erratic in operation, manual adjustment with some hit and trial is the only option.


Check that the lines for the flow of fuel or lube oil are setup properly and set to the desired tanks. Valves to be checked for individual lines, if they are correctly set or not.

Back Pressure Valve

This valve should be checked that it is not fully closed. It needs to be checked before starting purifier open this valve little bit. It can be adjusted later on.


Check that the oil filter for the purifier is working and don’t have any accumulation. Also make sure that the pressure is good enough and there is no leak. Air quality is of utmost importance in the control systems.

When Purifier is running

 When the purifier is running, there are some things that you need to look for.

  • Amperage of the motor needs to be checked too.
  • Lubrication Oil level
  • Vibration of the purifier
  • Purifier de-sludges when it starts
  • Check that there is no excessive smoke from the belt drive systems
  • Nothing coming from the discharge side pipe when purifier is not de-sludging.

This was all from this article on check to be made before and after running the purifier. You would also like to read our article on common alarms in the purifier and also how to tackle the same.

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