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More than 150000 Seafarers Needs sign off by 15 May

As per the news statistics that are issued by the International Chamber of Shipping and IMEC, around 150000 seafarers needs a crew change. Which means, they need to sign off and go home, this is surely a very large number. As per the statistics issued by them out these 150000 seafarers, roughly:

40000 are from Philippines, 20000 from Indian, 15000 Ukrainian and 10000 Chinese nationalities. Rest other represents the other nationalities all over the world. Late sign offs will affect the mental health of the seafarers. Most of the crew remains for more than 6 months at sea, and such long delays in the sign off will affect them a lot.
With most part of the world suffering from corona virus and subsequent lockdowns all over the world, sign on and sign off are completely stopped for now. Those who are stranded in cruise ships are being brought home back.
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