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Bulk Carrier Collides With Oil Tanker At QINGDAO, Oil Spill

As per the latest news that is coming from the shipping sector, two ship have collided near Qingdao, China. Bulk Carrier -SEA JUSTICE- collided with oil tanker A SYMPHONY. Due to the collision, there is a suspected oil Spill. Crew is safe as per the reports, but amount of structural damage to both the ship and also the quantity of all oil spill is yet to come out in the news. Incident is reported to have happened in the early morning around 8:50 AM. Collision impact was so much that, ballast tanks were ruptured, along with the cargo tanks. This resulted in oil spill.

Events that led it to happen are yet to be known but there was low visibility when this incident happened. Around 400 tons of oil have been reported to be over board. Ship has already started internal transfer to minimize the oil flowing outside the ship.

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image credits: fleetmoon


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