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MEO CLASS 4B Orals Exam Questions, Function 4 Motor

In this post we have MEO CLASS 4B ORALS Exam Questions for
Function 4. All the questions that are given here were asked to the Class 4B
aspirants. Now you must be aware about the fact that all the written exam of
the 4B are now being conducted online called as MEO Class 4B e-Pariksha.
You can browse other articles also. At various places hints to the
questions are given. Answers to these questions will be shortly published.
Q1 Tell the engine specification, SFOC, lube oil consumption, bore
diameter of the ship that you sailed in.

Q2.  Tell me the main engine and auxiliary engine lube
oil properties and also for cylinder oil. Also tell the TBN value and how to
calculate the same.
Q3 How you will change boiler to EGB. Why circulating pump kept
running, what will happen if not, hydrogen fire, what is primary detonation and
secondary. What would be effect from the same?
Q4. What seawater pump you had in your previous ship. After
dismantling that pump what are all the checks you will carry out. How you will
check shaft trueness.
Q5. Tell me the configuration of your main engine.
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Q6 How it was controlled, means through camshaft or what?
Q7 Are you sure camshaft controlled and not moment compensated?
Q8) What type of exhaust valve control engine
Q9) What type of exhaust valve wear protection?
Q10 Tell me the Crankcase safeties like explosion
doors, omd, bearing oil temperature indicators, lube oil high temp and low
pressure trips.
Q11 Type of material in temperature sensors.
Q12 Type of moments in that- primary and secondary and explain the
Q13) Moment compensators for primary, webs, for secondary,
separate weights etc.
Q14 Vibration dampers types like axial and torsional.
Q15 How axial damper works, explain this by the diagram.
Q16 Do dampers have any type of speed reducing or increasing
Q17 Drawn power and compression cards.
Q18 Nuts flushed with bulkhead, how to remove.
Q19 Name the latest engines that have been manufactures by the Man
and Sulzer, explain their features. And what beneeffit we are getting from
Q20 Tell me about the NOX emission control by the RTFLEX Engines.
Q21 Tell me about the Hardening.
Q22 Name one material used in Main Engine which is hardened.
Q23 What is ignition delay and draw two diagrams showing perfect
ignition and with ignition delay.
Q24 Purpose of intercooler and jacket water in air compressor.
Q25 How you prepare DB tank for Survey, How is survey carried out,
what checks done during survey.
Hint: Hydraulic and Alarm test.
Q26 Cold starting of the boiler after survey till the load.
Hint: Tell about the rate of heating.
Q27 what is scavenge fire and how stuffing box can lead to it.
Q28 What is sacrificial anode, how it works, where fitted?
So these were the questions that are asked in the MEO
CLASS 4B ORALS Exam Questions for Function 4
. If you have suggestions,
then please post them below.
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