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MEO Class 4B Questions and Answer For Ship Safety and Environment Protection

who are preparing for the 4B exam, this post will be very useful for them.
Today we are discussing some of the questions that were asked in the 4B exam of
Subject Ship Safety and Environment Protection. If you want answer to
these questions, then post them below. 

Safety and Environment Protection For Class 4B Exam

1.      State
some of the errors usually committed by ships crew (which may be termed as
unsafe practices) while carrying out the following.
(A) Taking
soundings of Fuel oil double bottom tanks.
(B)  Opening
up pressure Lube Oil Fitters for cleaning on a running generator
(C)  Starting
main air compressor
2.      What
are the Certificates, both from statutory authorities and classification
societies, which a chemical tanker must posses when trading on international
3.      What
is meant by the term MARPOL 73/78. State the various annexes to MARPOL
73/78 and briefly describe each one of them.
4.      Expand
the following terms :
5.      A
vessel should normally behave as if all of its weight is acting downward
through the center of gravity and all of its support is acting upward through
the _____________.
(A) keel
(B)  center
of buoyancy
(C)  tipping
(D) amidships
Justify Your Answer
use of flexible hose pipes to connect the crude oil washing machines is
permitted only on ________________.
(A) product
(B)  crude
oil tankers
(C)  combination
OBO tankers
(D) chemical
Justify Your Answer
7.      Which
of the following is NOT a recommended safe practice?
(A) Securing
equipment against slipping or drifting.
(B)  Operating
machinery at its recommended speed.
(C)  Repairing
loose handles on tools before using.
(D) Using
tools for purposes for which they are not designed.
Justify Your Answer
of a Halon fire extinguisher involves checking the hose, handle,
nozzle, and _______________.
(A) each
sight glass
(B)  weighing
of the extinguisher
(C)  the
service technicians report
(D) the
last date it was charged
Justify Your Answer
9.      One
of the uses for low velocity fog is to _____________.
(A) help
produce mechanical foam
(B)  break
apart class “A” combustibles
(C)  sweep
burning liquids overboard
(D) act
as a heat shield to protect the fire fighter
Justify Your Answer
10.  The
value of the maximum righting arm is dependent upon the position of the center
of buoyancy and the ______________.
(A) longitudinal
center of gravity
(B)  transverse
center of gravity
(C)  downflooding
(D) vertical
location of the center of gravity
Justify Your Answer
A small fabric fire is slowly spreading in the ships lounge. Suggest some
procedures and means of extinguishing such fires. Propose a few notices you
would issue to the crew to prevent such fires.
Expand the following abbreviations
SOLAS (b) MARPOL (c) LNG (d) STCW (e) IMDG (f) ILO (g) ITU (h) INMARSAT (i)
The STCW Convention shall apply to Seafarers serving on board , Seagoing ships
entitled to fly the flag of a party except to those on board.
warship (b) dredgers (c) gas carriers (d) chemical carriers (e) fishing vessels
(f) wooden ships of primitive build
nuclear submarines (h) naval ships or other auxiliaries owned by state and
engaged only on governmental non-commercial service.
which of the above stated points are true or false.
As per the STCW Convention 78 and code of 95, state to which branch do the
following chapters refers to
Chapter II (b) Chapter III (c) Chapter IV
As per 1974 SOLAS Convention the 1978 SOLAS Protocol and the 1981 and
1983 SOLAS amendments, the present regulations unless expressly provided,
otherwise do not apply to
ships of war and troop ships
cargo ships of less than 500 tons gross tonnage
tankers of more than 150,000 dwt
ships not propelled by mechanical means
fishing vessels
pleasure yachts engaged in trade
of the above points are true or false?
What is the difference between
life jacket (b) a thermal protectiuve aid (c) an immersion suit (d) a bouyant
briefly the principal differences in its use
State the various documents pertaining to a ship that a port state control
inspector would ask for inspection during port state control.
The regulation for prevention of pollution by oil relating to the International
Convention for the prevention of pollution from ships 1973(1978 protocol)
designates three types of oil tankers
Crude oil / product carriers (b) Crude oil tankers (c) Product carriers
describe the typical difference in defination of each.
What is an International Shore coupling? Briefly describe its purpose, use and
the components that go with it. No sketch is necessary.

State some typical precautions you would take before going down into the bilge
for an inspection of pipelines.
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