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Maersk Giving Fast Internet & Extra Cash For Food in Corona Times

During this corona pandemic, Maersk Line, the largest shipping line in the world is offering better internet and $1000 extra cash for provision per month. This move was implemented by Maersk from April this year in order to boost the morale of the crew members stranded on ships. As the world is in complete lockdown, crew change is not possible in various parts of the world. Surely this kind of move is not enough but definitely a good gesture by the company.
Recently many companies have come with similar efforts in order to lift the mood of the seafarers who are at sea. Also, it has come to our notice that Maersk is offering extra salary to those who completed their contract and are over to it now. Though nothing can justify the emotions that a seafarers going through, but such incentives surely improve the living at the sea.

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