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Major Crew Change By Anglo Eastern On Indian Port Kochi

Management Company Anglo Eastern did a major crew change on 26th May, of around 34 seafarers as mentioned in the social media platform of the company. 17 seafarers signed on and same number signed off as well.
As mentioned in the post, most of the crew had gone above their contract length at sea. Crew was delighted to be on shore after so many months. If we see as per the lockdown, this is good number of people signing off and on from a ship.
Sign off crew will go for further SOP as mentioned by the government of India. Indeed this is an very happy movement for the seafarers. Also those who signed in are happy as long stay at home is already hurting the financial planning of many seafarers. As we can see the procedure related to crew change have been strictly followed.

crew change
credits: Anglo eastern group


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  1. Gas cerberus,manage by stealth in greece still dont have crew change and is still no update of our future.itf plshelp us..

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