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List of Classification society with Address and Contact details

Get to know about all the classification societies like their address, head office, country location. All the classification societies listed here are members of International Association of Classification Societies.

societies as name suggests are organizations or agencies (Governmental or non
government), who check the ships and other machinery out there at sea for
standardization. In simple language it can be explained like this:
Suppose if you are
buying a ship, it needs to be checked by someone, so that it falls under the certain
standards. For that you need some registered agency to check it and issue the
required paper work for you.
List of Classification society
Well classifications
societies are those registered and worldwide accepted agencies that carry out
this task. In certain key locations in the world, they have their field office
to approve the ships and offshore installation. They are needed to create a
standard in terms of building and operation of vessels and machineries. This is
needed for the safe operations of these floating objects and to remove any
under standardized ships.

List of
Classification society with address and contact details

Lloyd’s Register
Country: United Kingdom
Head office: London
Bureau Veritas         
Country: France
Head office: Paris                                                                               
Registro Italiano Navale
Head office: Genoa                                                                             
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Country: USA
Head office: Houston
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) / Germanischer Lloyd
Country: Norway and Germany
Head office: Oslo
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)
Country: Japan
Head office: Tokyo
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Country: Russia
Head office: Saint Petersburg
Polish Register of Shipping
Country: Poland
Head office: Gdansk
Croatian Register of Shipping
Country: Croatia
Head office: Split
10.  China
Classification Society
Country: China
Head office: Beijing
11.  Korean
Register of Shipping
Country: South Korea
Head office: Busan
12.  Indian
Register of Shipping
Country: India
Head office: Mumbai
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