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Life Boat Launching Procedure and Recovery

In this article get insights about procedure of life boat launching and what precautions that you will take while doing so. Life boats are an emergency requirement when no other option has worked to keep ship afloat. During this time, it is necessary that the lifeboats that are provided on the ship to be launched and all the people onboard evacuate to a safer area.
Solas requirement for a lifeboat-Latest
There are various reasons for leaving a ship like Fire, Flooding, Structural failure of Ship, Bad Weather etc. In this case, it is quite necessary that crew launch the boat in proper manner and in a shorter time. After every person on the ship is accounted for at muster station, next step is to launch the life boat. The description given here is general and something may vary slightly as depending on the ship.

Step by Step procedure of launching Life Boat

·         Only on the verbal announcement of the master, ship needs to be evacuated.
·        First count all the people are at the muster station. This is quite necessary. In the mean time, people will carry out their jobs like Cook will bring blankets; engineers will test the engines etc.
Life Boat


·        If needed, then we need to secure the painter line, both forward and aft.
·        First remove the safety pin at the winch brake lever.
·        Release the davit arm cradle clamp from the forward and aft end of the embarkation platform area by removing the safety pins.
·        Gribes, which are holding the lifeboat, will automatically get released as the davit is released.
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·         Now lower the lifeboat till the embarkation deck, with the help of tricing pendant. And bowsing tackle will be used for bringing the lifeboat closer to ship structure in rough whether.
Note: some ships have embarkation deck at the same level as boat, so need to lower it. Everyone can board from there.
·        Engineer and officer, will go inside and close the drain plug. Deck officer will check the navigation system. Engineer will check the engine.
·        After everything is ok, people can start boarding the boat.
·        Make sure that people are sitting properly and have worn their lifejackets.
·        Close the doors and with the help of brake remote control wire, lower the boat slowly.
Note: In rough Weather, never do offload release, always do on load release. Hope you liked reading this piece of information. So, this was all about the Launching of lifeboat.
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