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Korea Maritime University Application, Ranking, Scholarships and Address

Korea Maritime and Ocean University Ranking, Fees, Placements, Training Ships, Address, Sports, Employment Rate, Library and Address.

After the World War II, when Korea got independence from the Japanese occupation in year 1945, the Korea Maritime University was established. Recently in 2013, university is renamed from Korea Maritime University which was given in 1992 to Korea Maritime and Ocean University. For education of maritime, engineering and science of transportation it is a national university of South Korea located in Yeongdogu in Busan. Korea Maritime University is one of the important and oldest national institutions for post-secondary education in specialize fields such as maritime engineering and sciences. Park Hanril is the president of university who is extremely proud to serve excellence in technology of maritime and ocean research.

 Korea Maritime University Training Ship
Korea Maritime University
Credit: KMU


On the very initial stage, the name of this maritime institute was Chinhae High Seamans School. The institute was reestablished with Korean students and staff under the direction of Lee Sihyung after the emancipation of Korea simultaneously the school was labeled as a national university. It was then given a new name as Chinhae High Merchant Seamans School.

Courses offered by Korea Maritime University

·        Maritime sciences
·       Ocean Science & Technology
·       Naval Architecture and Ocean Systems Engineering
·       Ocean Engineering
·        Energy Resources Engineering
·        Marine Environment (Oceanography)
·        Marine Biotechnology
·        Architecture Ocean Space
·        Ocean Physical Education Engineering
·       Mechanical Engineering
·       Ship-building Engineering
·       Electrical and Electronics Engineering
·       Logistics
·       Environmental Engineering
·       Civil Engineering
·       International Studies

Korea Maritime University Application Process

Applicants have to send their application forms along with important documents such as mark sheet of previous attended courses, transcripts etc. An application fee is required to complete an application to be considered under admission process, and that can be deposited online. To make students more knowledgeable about the industry, various international programs like Dual Degree, Students Exchange and Overseas short terms courses are part of the curriculum.
Video of KMU
International Students have to pay 30000 KW for booking course. To book your admission and courses, you need to contact these numbers as per the department:

Korea Maritime University Scholarships

KMU is well known varsity in terms of students those who got the scholarships and is best in the regions. Last year around 154 students got scholarships. University spends around 1.4 million Won on one student as scholarship. There are around 11 types of money grants given by the university for example:
Good Scores Scholarship
Superior scores in admittance and good score in university (GPA over 2.5 the
previous semester).
Paid: Full tuition and all school support fee.

Korea Maritime University Employment Rate

compared to its counter parts, university has a pretty decent employment rate
with over 69.8 %. This is when the shipping sector is down for past couple of

Korea Maritime University Sports

In terms
of sports, university offers all sorts of sports related to the shipping like
Scuba diving, sailing, boat sailing etc. Proper training with dedicated courses
is given to the students who are studying in the university. So, those who are
interested in doing something apart from the studies too, then they can join
training center inside the academy.
Korea Maritime University

KMU Ship Training

There are two fully functional ships for training and named as Hanbada and Hannara with engine capacity of 8140 and 4000 Horse Power respectively.

KMU Ranking

KMU is a highly reputed institute in the country and ranks among the top colleges formaritime education in the world. Every year highly qualified student passes from here. And since the quality of education and facilities provided is best, it is among the highly reputed institute in the country.

KML Library

College has a fully fledged library with ample amount of book required by the students. Under graduate students can book 5 books at one time, while post graduate students can book 10 books at a time. Library opens in both vacations and non vacation period.

Korea Maritime University Contact Details

Korea Maritime University
Credit:Google Maps
Korea Maritime and Ocean University
727 Taejong-ro, Yeongdo-Gu,
606-791, South Korea
: +82-51-410-4114
E-mail :
So this was all about the Korea Maritime University.
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  1. Good evening from here. In a nutshell i would like to know if an international student from Nigeria can apply for OOW deck unlimited in korea maritime university. Also would like to know if they offer short courses for ratings i.e efficient deck hand and ratings c.o.c. Lastly how does it take to study nautical science at your college and can an international student get work permit while schooling in korea? Thank you very much.

  2. I want to join this university please if you can help me i really want it’s my future please help me thanks

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