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Read: Why Sailor Wife Is His Backbone

You may have heard of the most common phase “Behind every successful man there is a woman” that we mostly use to describe the power of a woman to run herself, the house, the kids, the job, the family and define her as a Superwoman. I would proudly like to alter this phase to “Behind every successful sailor man is his woman”. Weather at sea or at home, a sailor is at ease just because he knows that he has someone who is handling all the other situations very strongly so that he can focus on his work/ rest.

Sailor Wife is his Backbone

Yes, sailors who are married will totally agree to the fact that a woman changes their life for betterment. They are their backbones so that they can stand tall to all the situations whether work related or personal and handle them with utmost calmness. It is his queen that brings a sense of peace to his multipurpose mind.

This situation can be best explained in two scenarios as a sailor lives a dual life and so does his wife. When at sea, he is alone and away from everyone, a sailor wife even if not present physically is always there for him mentally and emotionally. No matter how many problems she herself is juggling through she will always make sure that she talks to her sailor with a huge smile so that she can bring him the peace of mind needed at sea. She makes sure that she always cares for him even while away and not connected to the World.

Her small gesture of Have you eaten?, Have you reached?, Have you slept? etc. brings a sense of hope to the sailor and prepares him for the next day. Taking care of his family, be there with them, making sure that the kids grow good; balancing her own job is something that this superwoman is totally capable of. She gets all her strength from her sailor who is far away but is happy and gratified internally because of her. Knowing that her sailor is smiling is what gives her the courage to keep moving on and wait for the day when he comes back.

When at sea, a sailor is with his wife physically, mentally and emotionally, he finds himself always full of energy. Here also the wife plays her crucial role of balancing her sailor’s lifestyles. Sacrificing her own career and personal life she sets out her wings to fly and always support her sailor no matter where. Being physically present she is actually able to take personal care for him in a better way, off course not disturbing his work routine.

To keep his mind active and remove the monotony of ship’s life, she can plan shore outings of his interest, plan some movies or series after work and make him relax by just talking to him and getting to know his day. Coming back to the cabin after a day of work and looking at the excited face of his woman waiting for him makes a sailor forget his own pains and indulge in quality time with her.

Now let’s come to the second scenario where a sailor comes back to home after months of sailing and finds his wife along with his family standing and waiting for him at the airport. The eyes do speak a lot even if no one has uttered a word. Those hugs, those kisses, those talks prove the spark of love that both expressed for each other while they were apart. A smiling sailor represents a strong partner that was present with him all throughout his sail and now he can be with her physically as well even if only for some time.

Seeing his family smile, his kids grown up, a sailor is filled with gratitude for his wife and his support system because without her his life would’ve been empty. He realizes the importance of a strong woman for himself as his lifestyle needed one. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to adjust with his lifestyle for which he is always thankful to his woman.

This thanks and gratitude comes packed in number of gifts some of which lets the woman know that “I am not able to express the love I have for you in words; my feelings cannot be articulated so please accept all these gifts as my token of love”. Staying at home with her makes him realize how strong his partner has grown as a female, as a wife, as a daughter in law and as a mother.

He understands how his world revolves around this one woman who is definitely his backbone, the anchor of his life!!!

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Being married to a sailor, loves to write and share the thoughts and experiences on behalf of all the queens. Some day would love to have my passport full of stamps from around the world. In my free time i enjoy music and experimenting in the kitchen. Being a Professional Maritime Blogger, I enjoy writing every bit of it.

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