Shipping Industry

Naval Architecture Terminology and Coefficients of Forms

The ship is defined in terms of its size and the shape. This is required to find out it’s characteristics for stability, resistance, power needed to run the ship at a particular speed, her seaworthiness, it’s maneuverability, load carrying capacity etc. Read about the terminology that is used in the naval architecture and ship construction. Also know about the […]

Challenges ahead Shipping Industry
Shipping Industry

Five Future Challenges ahead Shipping Industry

What could be 5 Future Challenges for Shipping Industry among the important sector of business, shipping comes as core and accounts for around 90% move of cargo from one place to another. While some nation has their economy directly dependent on shipping, some have infrastructure to keep it moving. So, in these times of modern world, or from the past also, […]

Shipping Industry

Korea Maritime University Application, Ranking, Scholarships and Address

Korea Maritime and Ocean University Ranking, Fees, Placements, Training Ships, Address, Sports, Employment Rate, Library and Address. After the World War II, when Korea got independence from the Japanese occupation in year 1945, the Korea Maritime University was established. Recently in 2013, university is renamed from Korea Maritime University which was given in 1992 to Korea Maritime and Ocean University. For […]