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ISM Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annually Safety Checks on Ship

International Safety Management System
Safety checks that needs to be carried on board ship are discussed here, have a
look at them.

ISM required regular checks up of the
safety equipments and other machineries for safe navigation and to safeguard
the seafarer who are working onboard. Every Company has its own checks lists,
but mostly has similar items that are given below. Changes in the list might be
because of the type of ship and its requirements. This list is for the
container ship.

Weekly Safety Checks

Damper-DC Holds
     Watertight doors
and Gong
emergency alarm
equipment / Navtex Receiver
Public address system
Radio equipment/DSC facility
Breathing apparatus cylinders
Launching appliances
Rescue boat
Emergency bilge suction valve in engine room
Emergency starting air compressor
Unmanned engine extension alarm
Bilge oily water separator
·    Lifeboats, engine
·    Rescue boat, engine
Emergency fire-pumps
Emergency batteries
Radio/GMDSS batteries
Emergency Escape Lights


Rescue Boat Lowering Procedure

ISM Monthly Safety Checks


·  Cargo holds bilge alarms
·  Launching appliances / falls
·   Rescue boat – Suspension wires/slings
·   Lifeboats
·  Means of Embarkation and Disembarkation
·  Means of Embarkation and Disembarkation / Wires
·  Portable gas detection calibrated
·  Portable oxygen analyzer calibrated
·  Rescue boat
·  Aerials & Insulators
·   Emergency eye-wash stations
·   Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon-EPIRB
·  First Aid Kit
·  Magnetic Compass check for air bubbles
·   Radar / filters / Holding down bolts
·  Navigators emergency call
·  SART – search and rescue transponders
·   Breathing apparatus
·  Escape breathing apparatus
·  Fire plan outside the accommodation
·  Lifeboat equipment
·  Life saving appliances
·  Test emergency generator on load (min 2 hrs)
·  Bilge oily water separator
·  CO2 Fixed fire-fighting system
·  Cold Storage/Provision – emergency alarm/call
·  Engine room alarms
·  Engine room ventilation stop
·  Fire dampers manual operated
·  Fire dampers remote operated
·  Engineers emergency call
·  Scavenge air fire-fighting
·  Water mist system in engine room
·  Ventilation fans shut down.
·  Rescue boat, engine
·  Bunker tank level alarms
·  Engine room bilge alarms
·  Dead-weight cocks in engine room (self closing cocks)
·   SOPEP Equipment
·  Sounding pipes E.R
·  CO2-room / exhaust fan
·  Contactors for winches
·  Emergency lights
·  Fire detection system
·   Magnetic doors, auto-close
·   Smoke sampling detectors
Life Boat Lowering Drill
Life Boat Lowering Drill


ISM 3 Months Safety Check


·  Deck and Hull bilge alarms
·  Lashing equipment
·   Lifeboats
·   Mooring ropes/wires
·  Resuscitation equipment
·   International Shore Connection
·   Lockers for fire-fighting equipment
·   Cofferdam bilge alarms
·  Emergency steering system
·   Emergency telegraph
·   Main engine emergency stop
·   Fire dampers/inlet flaps remote operated
·  Fuel oil pump emergency stop
·   Fuel oil tank quick closing device
·   Oil mist detector alarms
·   Flame screens
·   Spark arresters / exhaust main engine and boilers
·   Purifier alarms
·   Alternator’s switchboard safety device
·   Electrical Circuits continuity
·   Navigation and Signal Lights

ISM 6 Months Safety Checks

Watertight doors
“Fire-alarm / each activation point (push-button)”

ISM Annually Safety Checks


·   Inflatable lifejackets
·   Magnetic compass – properly compensated to less than 6° when passing Panama.
·   Unannounced drug and alcohol
·   Ballast tanks condition
·   Breathing apparatus air recharging system
·   Compressor system for Breathing Air Supply
·   Fall Arrest and Fall Protection Equipment
·   Loading Instrument:
·   Rescue boat On-Load release gear
·   Escape breathing apparatus
·   CO2 portable extinguishers
·   Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus-EEBD
·  Fire hoses
·  Portable extinguishers – powder – foam – water
·   Portable extinguishers – cartridge driven
·   Bunker lines and valves
·  CO2 fixed fire-fighting system
·   CO2-plants / low pressure system /piping /tank support
·   Lifting devices, chains, blocks and swivels
·   Fire detection system
·   Radio room – batteries
·   EPIRB – test of – during renewal of radio certificate
·   Life rafts
·   Lifeboat launching appliances
·   Lifeboat On-Load release gear

ISM 2 Year Safety Checks

·   Hazmat recurrent training
·   Water tanks and void spaces
·   EPIRB – hydrostatic release
·   Breathing apparatus

ISM2.5 Year Safety Checks

Means of embarkation and disembarkation/Wires

ISM 3 Year Safety Checks

·   Lifeboat provisions
·  Lifeboat first aid kit
·   Pyrotechnics
·  MOB Signal
·   Speed line ignitors and rockets

ISM 5 Year Safety Checks

·  Launching Appliances/ Falls
·  Means of embarkation and disembarkation/Wires
·   Launching appliances / falls
·   Breathing apparatus / bottles
·   Escape equipment / bottles
·   CO2 fixed fire-fighting system
·   Fixed fire-fighting systems / control valves
·   Lifting devices, chains, blocks and swivels.
·   Launching appliances for life rafts and lifeboats
·   Lifeboat on-load release gear
So these are the checks that you need to carry out. There might be others also, feel free add below by commenting below on this topic ISM Safety Checks.
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