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International Seafarer Day 2016- June 25th

International Seafarer Day will be celebrated all around the globe on 25th June. This is a day which remembers and salutes the efforts that every seafarer goes through to make this industry keep going.

International Maritime Organization has dedicated 25th June as the world seafarer’s day and to celebrate this day; all over the world programs and events are organized. Seafarers ranging from the people who work at sea and also who work ashore to keep the ships moving, all of them play a crucial role in this industry. IMO released an interesting video on the seafarer’s day 2015. Speeches from various industry heads are held to commemorate this day.

International Seafarer Day

International Seafarer Day
An industry that supports more than 90% of the world trade and that too in a reliable and safe manner is highly respectful. And supports livelihood of so many people too. But the very base of the industry, that is the seafarer cannot be forgotten. IMO always constantly work in the direction of betterment of the seafarers.
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 Recent implementation of maritime labor convention act is such a step in the direction of making the seafarers more secured about their work and also their future. On the other hand, over the past years, industry has shifted more concern towards the well being of them. In order to keep people who are eligible and fit for these jobs, STCW convention is quite effective in terms of standardization of courses and training. Shipping Industry is a highly specialized and standardized sector.

IMO Focus on Seafarer Day 2016

Every year IMO has certain theme for this day. This year they are having ‘Maritime Education’, which means how to have a career at sea and how to be part of this industry, which has so much to offer in terms of opportunities. A very nice video was released by the IMO regarding it. See it below.
This move is going to attract many young professional who are either in confusion or don’t’ have any knowledge about joining this career. An industry is made by its people who work for it, and if you can bring in more fresh talent, then it might happen that industry might get start getting old. IMO is targeting this at 2015 event to bring in more people.

Seafarers Day 2016 Celebrations

Every country to their scale organizes lot of functions, seminars and workshops that are dedicated towards the work force of this industry. On the other hand, IMO is running this new campaign #careeratsea, which is already getting lot of responses on the social media already. It will be interesting to see as how good this campaign turns out to be.
On your part also, you can add lot of things to the celebrations like making people aware about the industry and how much potential it has both in terms of career and opportunities.

Why Seafarers are not joining Merchant Navy Anymore

We have written a separate article regarding the problems and some other factors that are pulling back those guys to come in to this field. And we think some of them can be solved easily. In fact in the past years lot of things have happen which might led to make rise of interest among the people to come back and serve this industry back.

International Seafarers Day Date

It will be celebrated all over the world on 25th June 2015. This will be 5th such time that seafarer day will be celebrated. In 2011, it was observed for the first time and every year now, IMO comes with something different theme to make it more interesting.
So how you are making your contribution towards this day?

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