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Hyundai merchant marine local charges

Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) is one of the leading shipping companies in the world, offering a wide range of services to customers across the globe. Hyundai merchant marine local charges. One of the aspects that customers need to be aware of when choosing HMM as their carrier is the local charges that may apply to their shipments.

Hyundai merchant marine local charges

Local charges are fees that are levied by the local agents or terminals of HMM in the origin or destination countries. These charges cover various costs and expenses that are incurred by HMM or its partners in handling, storing, transporting, or clearing the cargo. Some examples of local charges are:

– Terminal handling charges: These are fees that are charged by the terminal operators for loading and unloading the containers from the vessels, as well as moving and stacking them in the terminal yard.

– Documentation fees: These are fees that are charged by HMM or its agents for issuing and processing the shipping documents, such as bills of lading, invoices, manifests, and certificates.

– Customs clearance fees: These are fees that are charged by the customs authorities or brokers for clearing the cargo through customs and paying any duties or taxes that may apply.

– Port security charges: These are fees that are charged by the port authorities or security agencies for providing security services and inspections for the cargo and the vessels.

– Inland haulage charges: These are fees that are charged by HMM or its subcontractors for transporting the cargo from or to the terminal by truck, rail, or barge.

Local charges vary depending on the location, type, and size of the cargo, as well as the service and route chosen by the customer. HMM publishes its local charges on its website for each country and port where it operates. Customers can access this information by selecting their origin and destination countries from the drop-down menus on the website. Alternatively, customers can contact their local HMM office or agent for more details and quotations.

It is important for customers to understand and budget for the local charges that may apply to their shipments, as they are not included in the freight rates quoted by HMM. Local charges are usually payable either at the origin or destination ports, depending on the terms of the contract between HMM and the customer. Customers should also note that local charges are subject to change without prior notice, depending on the market conditions and operational factors.

HMM strives to provide transparent and competitive pricing to its customers, while maintaining high standards of service quality and reliability. By being aware of the local charges that may affect their shipments, customers can make informed decisions and plan their logistics more efficiently with HMM.

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