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Hijacked ship ‘Galaxy Leader’ becomes tourist attraction

In a surprising twist, the Japanese-managed cargo vessel, “Galaxy Leader,” found itself in the spotlight after being seized by Yemeni Houthi rebels in the Red Sea on November 19. What initially posed a threat of heightened regional tensions has taken an unusual turn, with the hijacked ship turning into an unconventional gathering hub for the rebels.

With 25 Filipino crew members on board as hostages, the safety, well-being, and secure evacuation have become the prime concerns for the maritime community.

Amidst the diplomatic tensions, a surprising spectacle unfolded aboard the commandeered vessel. Houthi youth and Yemeni social media influencers transformed the “Galaxy Leader” into an unexpected tourist attraction. Social media platforms buzzed with videos and images showcasing a hijacking celebration featuring synchronized dance routines, impromptu photo shoots, lively dance parties, hookah sessions, and daring attempts to climb the vessel for excitement.

galaxy leader
credits: skynews

Every moment of this unconventional party was meticulously documented by social media influencers, who shared their captures across various platforms. Some even proposed the notion that Houthi rebels could potentially market hijacked ships as a means of swiftly boosting Yemen’s finances. The adoption of such advice remains uncertain, but it presents a prospect of generating a consistent income stream for the rebels.

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