Merchant Marine Piney Point maritime education

Merchant Marine Piney Point-The Forgotten Legacy

The Forgotten Legacy of Merchant Marine Piney Point. Nestled on the picturesque shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland lies a piece of American maritime history that has often gone unnoticed by the public eye—the Merchant Marine Piney Point facility. This unassuming location, once a bustling training center for merchant mariners, holds a rich legacy […]

Hyundai Merchant Marine Shipping Industry

Hyundai Shipping Containers: Bridging Global Trade

Hyundai Shipping Containers: Bridging Global Trade. In the world of international commerce, the seamless movement of goods is a vital component of the global supply chain. Hyundai Shipping Containers, often recognized by their distinctive blue hue and the iconic Hyundai logo, have played a significant role in facilitating the flow of products across the world’s […]