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My First Sailing-An Experience Every Sailor Wife Should Go Through

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1- Please tell us about yourself little bit

Hello queens and sailors
I am pooja kanojia, a professional makeup artist from the city of noida (India)
Here is a little questionnaire where I share my 1st experience sailing as a supernumerary(family) onboard. Fell in love with my sailor when I was 22 dated for good 7 years and ended up getting married ❤️ well where else would he go 😄

2) How did you end being with a sailor
He was my friends cousin, we used play together while we were 8th and 9th standard barely spoke to each other in 10th standard we had boards never got time to go out and then our ways drifted apart.
When i was 22 my cousin brother showed interest for joining Merchant navy coincidentally Taru (friends cousin who is my husband now) happened to be in town he was about to join his 1st ship as forth engineer, I thought why not talk to taru and as about this industry after which we never stopped talking and got married by the way my cousin never join Merchant navy 😄

3) Arrange or love marriage, does it really matter with sailor?
Love marriage, it really doesn’t matter sailors are unconditional lovers.

4) How is life different on ship than on land from a passenger point of view.
Life is very different on ship can’t be compared with life on land as on land we have all the freedom to do things by our choice •we have unlimited internet •freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want •always close to your family and friends and so much more.
Were as on ship things are a little constrained but you get to travel the world free of cost! Haha we have to make your own family mingle yourself keep your self busy.

5) What are the things that you observed on ship which needs an improvement like more recreational activities etc.
I think festivals should be celebrated more enthusiastically.
There should be at least 1 party a month.
Recreational activities like – tournaments for TT, volleyball etc. Should conducted weekly.

6) What hurdles did you faced while on ship in terms of visa or papers for visiting other countries.
Well as this was my 1st sail just after my marriage, I had to reissue all my documents so that they include my husband’s name instead of father’s name. And it had to be done quickly so that was a slight pain! As this ship is currently trading in Indian waters there was no visa requirement so i just got lucky 😊

pooja kanojia

7) How is the food onboard?
~The food is fine for me, but my husband keeps complaining 😄

8) What did the best time pass onboard?
I love reading books as i have all the time in world to be indulged uninterruptedly.
And of course, I love taking pictures and videos for my Instagram page @thediaryofasailingbird

9) How did your life changed after being married to a sailor
Life has changed completely I would say as being in a long-distance marriage is something different than being in a long-distance relationship.
We were in a relationship for 7 years before we got married and still it hurts every time he leaves for sail.
After getting married to a sailor one will have to manage each and everything on their own from family life to professional and personal life there are times when u wish that your spouse was there to take of a little load but then u have to be strong. And then there will be times when he will be home for months and give you his full attention and be available 24×7 without any professional work commitments. You can enjoy amazing trips, parties and festivals with all your heart.

10) By default, sailors have to be far for some time no matter which rank they are, does it make relationship weak or strong?
I would say it makes the relationship stronger.
The distance may be hard but when we meet its always wonderful.
Distance makes you u miss your partner so that when you finally meet it make very special. Being a sailor, he will always be a one women man and shower you with all the love that he has.

11) People have 99 reasons not to be with a sailor, what is your that 1 reason which overshadowed all other and you decided to be with him.
I would say it was his capability to be so responsible and devoted towards our relationship this is something I did not find in anyone else.
Even if he is at sea, he makes sure everything is fine at home.
Even if he is loaded with work on board, he wants things to be at easy at home.
Sailors live for their family they put your needs before them.
With all this how can one not choose to be with a sailor?

12) Do you think sailor marrying sailor is great idea?
Ummm…. it should be an individual’s choice…
If the couple decides to be together, they should be life is too short to think about a lot of consequences after all love is love ❤️ and as they say where there is a will there is a way.

13) Titanic is a great movie; how many times have you seen?
Oh, I have lost the number of counts it has always been and will always be on the top of my favorite list.

14) Does it happened an officer did not acknowledge on time and there was a general alarm?
None of that I have witnessed.

15) Wealth, Wine and Woman, the 3Ws, how well they stand in today’s time?
Well, that’s a controversial question.
Wealth yes
Wine yes
Women depends on if you know you know Haha!

16) Sunset or sunrise at sea, which is your favorite?
Sunset! Always sunset
Too be honest I am too lazy to wake up for sunrise 😄

17) Have you ever filled a logbook?
Not actually but as I am writing this, I get the urge to do it maybe soon.

18) What do you think about

It’s really great to have such platform where we can share our experiences with all sailors and sailor queens 😊
I would like to thank marinersgalaxy for this opportunity.

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