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Fire Broke Out on Zim Container Ship After Heavy Weather

Fire broke out in container of ‘Zim Kingston’ after she experienced heavy weather due to which around 40 containers were expected to be lost at sea. Fire broke out on ship on Saturday morning. Currently ship is anchor in Constance Bank near Victoria. Ship was enroute from Busan, South Korea to Vancouver, Canada. As per the coast guard, around 10 containers are on fire. 16 crew members were safely rescued from the ship. But around 5 crew members are still onboard to fight the fire. Container that had fire broke out in the first place is said to have contained DG cargo. And due to heavy rolling in rough sea, cargo must have shifted resulting in fire due to heat. For now ship is having stable trim, though fire is spreading to other containers as well. Around 1.5 km radius area is said to be declared as danger zone for public.

Image Credits: USCG

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