Sailing as a Profession Being a Girl
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Why I Choose Sailing as Profession Being a Girl

So, this is one of the frequently asked questions and I feel fortunate enough to answer them. There are many definitions that explain the notion of emotion. But as long as I remember, I’d always dreamed to work out of the box, which is not very conventional. People might think that it’s “too classic” to give a voice to, but there is the “freedom” that follows and that’s where the rules bend to sail as a girl.

Perhaps, one of the most fruitful imaginative exercise is to think we set out at sea on a vessel for an undefined period of time. It’s a privilege only some dare to take. Each voyage brings out a wave of change in a person. At sea, we learn how little we need, not how much. It demands candor and art to propel and steer the vessel through mighty oceans. It’s not hard to find people who will warn that you shouldn’t become a sailor. They’re quick to list the misfortunes and hardships of seafarers and various difficulties they face. But…they still believe becoming a SAILOR is one of the coolest thing you could ever do.

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It’s common sense but it’s worth repeating.“12 hour watch beats 9-5 run any day!“ There are great reasons to set your ship on the best route possible. You never know until you’ve experienced your vessel passing through the deepest depths and high risk piracy areas. Still on a formal note here are things that are fascinating.

Yes! It’s cheezy but it’s true! Some of the finest views you’ll ever see. Let it be sunrise/ sunset, thunderstorms and sometimes undergoing the most famous bridges of the world.


It’s immensely rewarding to be trusted to make decisions to carry precious cargo.


No two ships are the same. Sailing these days is portrayed in media as repetitive and mundane. Of course there are periods of low work days but there’s always something new that comes up! Sailors may have a reputation for being bold, brash and reckless, but this stereotype couldn’t be further from truth. Sailors are of different breed, it’s a different type of contagious and if you are part of it, there’s no turning back. Also, this might get “too far” if a girl likes to chase storms. But I guess more than gender, it takes passion, craving and some kind of insanity to work out at sea.

As a seafarer, there are many more reasons or excuses to choose sailing a profession. But asking a sailor why he/she wants to sail is like “Question that would make a sailor blush”…love for the sea that can’t be expressed, just needs a reason to fall for it.

Author: Katha Patil. 

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