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Marine Control Engineering and Automation Question Bank

In this article you will find question that are related
to the Marine Control Engineering & Automation. it is very important to practice
question to have an insight of how question will come in exam. Answer to these
questions will be published shortly.

Questions related to Marine control engineering & automation

1)   Define
Process control system, Set value, connected command signal,
Deviation, signal processing.
2)  Discuss the
advantage & disadvantage of close loop over open loop system of  
     process control.
3)  Sketch the
proportional & integral control system mechanical type for maintaining 
    the level of water
in a tank
      4)      Explain different response of a servo
   5)         Draw the feedback system of
Ward-Leonard arrangement for controlling the speed of a motor and explain the
mode of operation.
   6)         Compare advantage & disadvantage of
effect of adding integral action in a remote position control servomechanism.
      7)      Sketch & explain the harmonic response
(Nyquised) diagram for frequency response test on a stable system and what is
critically stable system.
  8)          A step change of 2.5% is applied to
the input of a P + I controller and output gives a sudden step change of 5% and
after 2 minutes the total output change is 12.5%, Find proportional bandwidth
and integral action time?
   9)         Sketch & explain in brief different
type of pneumatic controllers.
      10)    Sketch and describe the boiler feed water
controlling pneumatic system.  
      11)    Sketch a compressed air system for use with
pneumatic control system.
      12)    Sketch and describe an oil mist detector, state
how sampling in controlled.
      13)    Explain & sketch a voltmeter & an
Ammeter & wattmeter
  14)        What are different methods of damping a
voltage, inductance, capacitance electronic measuring instruments?
   15)       Explain and sketch a block diagram of CRO
& explain its working
        16)  Define following:
system, desired value, input element, converted deviation measuring element.
    Sketch &
describe the open loop & close loop system of process control.
18 )   Sketch and
describe the proportional & derivation control (mechanical type) for
maintaining level of water in a tank.
      19)    What is the technique of improving of the
general performance of servo mechanism?
   20)       Draw a circuit diagram for a system with
ward-Leonard arrangement where feedback control arrangement is used to regulate
the speed of D.C. Motor.
       21)   Compare advantage & disadvantage of
following methods of damping a servo
viscous friction, output velocity feedback.
      22)    Sketch harmonic response (Nyquist) diagram
for frequency response test on an unstable system. 
      23)    A ramp change of 1% linearly is applied to
the input of a P + D controller and output gives a sudden step change of 5% and
after this output changes linearly at 3% per minute. Determine proportional
bandwidth and derivative action time?
      24)    What is the advantage/ disadvantage of analog
over digital computing?
     25)     Sketch and describe a master controller
operation for any variation of pressure in a boiler for regulating the air
& fuel supply to the furnace by pneumatic controller.  
     26)     Describe & sketch how the inlet
temperature of lubricating oil to main engine may be automatically monitored
and controlled?
     27)     Describe bridge/ engine room telegraph
interconnecting gear? How wrong way bell is connected?
     28)     Sketch & explain automatic voltage
     29)     What are different damping techniques of
damping electrical, electronic and pressure measuring instruments?

    30)      Explain the method of measuring
resistance, Inductance and capacitance 

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