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8500+ Seafarers have signed Off in lockdown?

A document have been uploaded on the Directorate General of Shipping India, which gives us the number of seafarers signed on and Signed off in the lockdown period. Well the numbers are like this 6212 have signed on and 8732 have signed off as per the document. This data was updated on 30th May, and period of count is after 23rd March. Most probably these numbers suggests the crew changes within India. For our readers we would like to tell that India started crew change from 22 April. Surprisingly this number is quite good. We will not discuss anything related why they number are so high or low.
Official document can be seen here on the portal of DGS.
Families and maritime fraternity have been demanding smoother sign on and sign off from the government on the foreign soil for Indian seafarers.

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