United States Merchant Marine Academy

States Merchant Marine Academy is a highly reputed educational setup when it comes
to imparting maritime education. And it ranks very high in the global radar of
education. This post is just dedicated to the details related to this varsity.

United States Merchant
Marine Academy Contact Details

Here are the contact details:
Merchant Marine Academy
Steamboat Road
Point,, NY 11024
1 (516) 726-5644 x5646
(866) 546-4778
(516) 773-5390
8:00am-4:30pm Monday to Friday

United States Merchant Marine Academy
Image Courtesy:marinersgalaxy.com

United States Merchant
Marine Academy Acceptance Rate

Since it is a very reputed
college, numbers of applicants applying for it are in large numbers. And this
makes acceptance rate lesser as compared to the other maritime college. In
Total around 950 students (men and women) study in the campus and this makes it
some of the biggest campus in this field.
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It may not be easy for the
student to get into this, as options and opportunities that you get while
having your education here, certain pull a lot of applicants. A good GPA score will
make sure that you get into. Plus you need to go through medical examination,
and then only you can be eligible for this exam. Other things like
recommendation also matter a lot.

United States Merchant
Marine Academy Apparel

who are planning to buy apparel for the academy, which includes:
–shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Performance Shirts, Sweaters, Outwear,
Warm-Ups, Pants, blanket etc can buy from various local stores. But Academy Alumni
Foundation has a web portal which is totally dedicated to this. You can visit
the portal here.
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United States Merchant
Marine Academy Ranking

is the top maritime college in the United States. And this can be attributed to
the fact that, type of training and employment you get here is best. You have
plenty of options to go for. You will get officer commission in US Defense
Forces or you can go for service in the coast guard also. Those who are
interested in sailing for merchant vessels can also, go for it. You don’t have
to worry about jobs, after successfully completing your education here.
if, you are not willing to join any of the above, there are plenty of offshore jobs
for you. Since the subjects and education here is quite comprehensive, you will
not have any trouble while applying for other jobs too.

United States Merchant
Marine Academy Alumni

it is a much reputed institute, it has large number of its Alumni serving in
different setups. Some are now very notable personalities in their fields. And
this in turn, puts a great impression among the outside companies and setup who
hire people that have been part of this institute. Also, Institute receives
large number of donation from their ex students as gift of appreciation to the
college, of whom they proud to be part of.

United States Merchant
Marine Academy Alumni Foundation

connect all the alumni and keep a record of all, this foundation was made.
Everybody is free to join it and make sure part of the ecosystem that has
originated from this college. This is one of its kinds, and is highly respected
in this region. All the latest happening and news are available on the website
of this foundation. Alumni those who are interested in paying donation can also
contact the department for that purpose.

United States Merchant
Marine Academy Cost

students who will take admission in the year 2015 will have to pay this much.

United States Merchant Marine Academy Cost
Image Courtesy:marinersgalaxy.com
Billed + Unbilled cost per year for class of:
(A):  $7,120
(B):  $6,776
(A):  $6,776
(B):  $7,120
      : $9,768
Billed Cost includes laundry, hair cutting and all. Unbilled costs are like
health insurance, transportation, educational kit, laptops etc.

United States Merchant
Marine Academy Scholarships

are ample amount of scholarship programs that are running in the university.
So, those who are having problems in funding education here can relax, as they
will get scholarships if they perform well in the college. Some of the notable scholarships
programs that are running outside the college here are:
Economic Developers for Long Island
Society of Professional Engineers
Scholarship Foundation
there are many more in this. You can find details about more scholarships here.
more information in this matter, parents and candidates can contact at below
Joseph Becker
300 Steamboat Road
Kings Point, NY 11024
United States
Phone: (516) 726-5638
Fax: (516) 773-5390
Timings: 8:00am-4:30pm

How to Apply for United
States Merchant Marine Academy

procedure for the academy is in two steps. First you have to fill the application,
either online or request it from the university.
Secondly you have to request a nomination.

How to Apply for United States Merchant Marine Academy
Image Courtesy:marinersgalaxy.com
per the experiences of past fresher’s, candidates are requested to start their application
process early. 1st March is the deadline for the year in which you want to take
filling the online application process, you are required to put these documents
in single package:
1)    You duly filled application
2)    A Biographical Essay which is
completed by you. This matters a lot in your selection at the academy.
3)    Then comes your transcripts (High
school), recommendation letters and officially SAT and ACT scores. College,
students have to submit college transcripts.
4)    Your certificate of physical fitness
5)    Completed DoDMERB Medical Exam
and nomination papers from a recognized authority like from US Senator of your
Any medical condition that you might be suffering from has to be told during
the medical examination, failing that may lead to cancelation of admissions in
the latter stages, if found.
these documents are needed to be sent to the address below in hard copy:
of Admissions
Merchant Marine Academy
Steamboat Road, Admissions Center
Point, New York 11024-1699
more information realted to the admission you may visit the official portal.

United States Merchant Marine
Academy Baseball, Football and Basketball

baseball is played during the springs, Football is famous in fall time. Basket
ball being favorite during the Winters. Those who are interested in sports that
are not offered by academy can join the Club Sports offered here.
offered in the Varsity are:

United States Merchant Marine Academy Baseball, Football and Basketball
Image Courtesy:marinersgalaxy.com
Men’s Basketball        
Women’s Basketball    
Men’s Lacrosse
Men’s Cross Country   
Wrestling Women’s Lacrosse
Women’s Cross Country        
Men’s Swimming and Diving 
Women’s Volleyball     
Women’s Swimming and Diving      
Outdoor Track and Field for
both men and women
Indoor Track and Field for
both men and women

United States Merchant
Marine Academy Placements

Placements offered by the academy are best in
class. And all the students who have done their training successfully and have
gained knowledge about their field will surely get in to good company. 

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Since reputation
of college is so much, candidates easily find

United States Merchant Marine Academy Placements
Image Courtesy:marinersgalaxy.com

recommendation and reference from
their teacher and alumni. There are should be no worry related to this. But
this does not mean that you stop working hard here. Sacrifices made by you
during your four year program, will decide what you have for the future.

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