Merchant Navy after Graduation, How To Join

If you are planning to join merchant navy after graduation then, this article is very useful for you. Since you landed on this article, that means you want to join merchant navy after graduation. This article will focus from Indian view.
Merchant navy is a profession, which deals with shipping industry. That is transporting goods all over the world. We have another article covering other details like:

Salary in Merchant navy that you get on every rank

Eligibility for merchant navy

How to Join Merchant Navy after Graduation

Well you have done graduation and now you want to step in to the world of sea. Best thing is that even after you graduate, you can still join it.

Joining Engine Department of Merchant Navy: You can join merchant navy engine side, after completing mechanical engineering or BSC in any science stream. For engineering students, they have to go through 1 year GME course. For BSC students, they will get direct admission to the 2nd year of marine engineering. Below are the courses you can do:

1 Year PGDME (Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering)– For mechanical engineering pass outs.
4-Year B.Tech (Marine Engineering)
4-Year B.Tech (Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering)

Electrical and Electronics engineering pass outs can do the electrical officer course. This is short duration course for 4-6 months. By doing so, you can become electrical officer on merchant vessels. With increasing automation and electrical setups on the ship, they are once again in demand in the market.

Join Navigational Department: Interested candidates can join this after any kind of graduation. There are many navigation courses which are given below:

3-Year B.Sc (Nautical Science)
1-Year Diploma in Nautical Science leading to B.Sc. (Applied Nautical Science)

So these are the courses that you can join to make a way in the merchant navy profession. Candidates are advised to take admission, after analyzing the placement records that institute have.
For more details you can visit following websites:

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